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Operation USE IT UP Underway

Operation USE IT UP Underway

Operation USE IT UP Underway is going down! Have you ever thought about your cleaning supplies? What all do you have going on in there?

Let us focus on your pantry, fridge, freezer, and other places you store food?

I am embarrassed about what I see in these areas of my life. Seriously, embarrassed.

Looking around, I see a lot of stuff I have that is just useless, and I bought a bunch because I had a coupon. There are also things that, sadly, I forgot that I had, as well.

Focus Squirrel Girl, Focus

Just focusing on my bathrooms is going to be a beginning for me. My first goal is going green in all areas of our lives. The secondary objective is to minimalize those belongings because, in reality, we do we need three hairdryers, thirty-five sets of sheets, or five hundred bottles of dried up nail polish? Focusing on one area at a time is helpful for me. I tend to have squirrel moments. 

Bathroom Tips and Tricks

Tame Your Squirrel:

One way to tame my squirrel is by diffusing my Squirrel Blend recipe from doTerra. It smells so good and keeps me moving right along.

Laundry Basket:

Another trick I use is I get a laundry basket. I put it in the bathroom with me. When something needs to get out of the bathroom, I throw it in the basket. I take the basket downstairs, and I have each kid get their stuff out of it and put it where it belongs.

Using it all up

Let’s say I have eight bottles of facial cleanser that I bought because I had a coupon. Now, let’s say that I have tried the facial cleanser. Then, I realize it is merely not my jam. Now imagine that I have given my daughter’s facial cleanser. The facial cleanser breaks them out. Now visualize that seven brand new bottles of facial cleanser. There they set, in my bathroom, and no one can use them. That’s where DONATING comes to play. Take it to a Needline, a church food/hygiene pantry, a women’s shelter, or find a friend who likes this brand and gift it to them. The point is to get it out of your bathroom. I know that I will never use this. Honestly, I refuse to throw it away. 


Recently, I went into our local department store, and I received a free makeup makeover. It was so much fun. There is so much I do not know (or care to know), but what I did find out is that makeup can go wrong. Yes, I’m aware that you probably already knew that, but I didn’t. So, I bought my “colors” of makeup, and I came home, and I threw away a lot of my old, broken, or nasty makeup that I already had. I also threw the makeup brushes away that I had for ten years. I figured if I invest in new stuff now, I would remember to clean my brushes.


Do not keep expired meds. I don’t care if they are antibiotics, cold/cough meds, antacids, or tubes of cream. Please, look at the dates and get rid of them. There are expiration dates on the product for a reason. These medications can lose their efficacy and could harm you. Be wise. We are going all-natural with our medication choices. I will be posting on our medication journey tomorrow, so be sure and come back!

Bathroom Cleaning Products:

My daughter was deep cleaning her home one day. She texted me, in the meantime, saying that she suddenly started vomiting aggressively and that she couldn’t stop. Well, what’s a mama to do? I high tailed my butt over there to help her. I had no more gotten to her front door that I started coughing. Much like something was caught in my throat, and it wouldn’t dislodge. Once I opened the door, this fog hit me. I started coughing uncontrollably until I almost puked.

Come to find out, my daughter had bought/used every cleaner known to man. In her mind, if it is a name brand, then it is going to do a better job cleaning. NO. Just NO. We were inhaling boatloads of unnecessary chemicals. We all had headaches and were coughing. It was pitiful. We had to open her front door. Also, we had to open all the windows of the apartment. Also, we had to have a fan blowing out to draw this stench and chemical fog out of the apartment.

Once that happened, she quit vomiting, I quit coughing, and headaches subsided. All you need to clean with are these essential items: Vinegar, Water, Castile Soap, Blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, OnGuard concentrate, baking soda, and any of these essential oils: Lemon, Melaleuca, Onguard. For more information on how I make cleaners or if you want the oils yourself to create your green cleaning supplies, be on the lookout for a post on Friday.


Another tip is to go to the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store and buy those clear shoeboxes with a lid. Also, get some labels and a sharpie. I like to keep all “like” things together. I have all nail polish in a box, all toothbrushes/toothpaste, all travel-sized bottles in these boxes. Doing this has been a lifesaver, but only if you put the labels on them. I made the mistake of not doing that, and one of my kids pulled every box out, opened every box, and made a mess. All I was looking for were fingernail clippers.

First Aid Kit:

An organized, clean out, complete first aid kit is a must. You can buy premade ones at Walmart or on Amazon. You can also make your own. I do keep mine in a red bag to make it easier to identify in high-stress moments. Those moments can range from if a child throws a set of hedge clippers down from a tree and they landed point down on another child’s head to cut your toe-off while walking a pug or a head-on collision at the end of your driveway. You know, simple things in life 🙂

Donate, Throw Away, or Use Up:

Be sure and clean out your little shoeboxes. Throw away things that are old, broken, used, or not worth giving away. Donate if it is new. Help another person out. If you have a smidge of something, use it up, don’t waste it. Do not use a full product when you have twelve products that are 1/2 used. Use those products up and don’t be wasteful.

Operation USE IT UP Underway is going to happen. 

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