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30 Day Social Media Fast

30 Day Social Media Fast
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A 30 Day Social Media Fast has been on my mind for the last couple of months.  I find that my phone and checking all the “stuff” is the first thing I do when I wake up.  One day, I began to think “what is WRONG with me?”

Then I realized I’m grieving things and I’m processing things.  I’m grieving so heavily for my Lady, for my son’s health, my friend’s death, my health, my family, and so much more.  I have let my health go, my weight is out of control, my house is a mess, and I cannot focus.

Waking Up Angry

I am not a morning person.  This is not a new thing.  For example, when I wake up, the first thing I do is grab my phone.  I turn it on and wait for the notifications to pop up.  I read through Instagram, then Facebook, then I check People, my mail, and finally, I watch some Youtube videos.  By then, it takes an act of congress to get up and walk into the chaos that is my family.  I don’t say that in a bad way…it is just hard, sometimes.


Coming downstairs, I hear screams, arguing, dishes being washed, animals scurrying around, and kids preparing for the day.  My kids are older, so they do not require so much “hovering” as before.

I sit in my chair, put out some fires, give out meds, wipe tears, give (bark) instructions, and open my tablet.  From there, it is a catch-all.  I respond to emails (while having my facebook opened on another tab…God forbid I would miss something).  Christmas shopping has been top priority lately.  There are some phone calls I need to make, appointments to go too…just busyness.

Losing Myself

I have lost myself in the busyness of life.  There are times when I don’t have time to do XYZ because I’m too busy doing ABC.  Truth is, is I do have time, I just choose to allot it in different ways.  I stalk social media.  It has to end.  Really, what good is it doing my life?

I’m overweight, unkempt most days, my house has little things that need attention.  I just don’t want to give it that attention because I’d rather look at dog/cat videos.  Lose myself in a reality that is altered.

Social Media

I *rarely* look at Pinterest and Twitter.  The only reason I am “active” on those sites is that my blog automatically posts to them.  Rarely have I ever checked for activity or comments.  FB, YouTube, and Instagram are my jam.

Those things fill me with insecurities about my appearance, how I am as a parent, my home, my Walmart clothes instead of high price ones, etc.  I try not to compare myself, but I do.  The other night, I tried to “do” my makeup like those I see on Youtube.  People, I scared my children.  My husband could not even look at me without snickering.

Eyebrows…get them done professionally.  Listen to wisdom, people.  Listen.  To.  Wisdom.

Now What?

Now, I blog.  I do what I love and that is writing.  Next, I work on my YouTube channel (more learning about analytics).  Lastly, I work my DoTerra Business.  My posts will automatically set to repost it on all the social media platforms.  That doesn’t mean I will, physically, be posting.

I am still keeping Messenger on my phone because I have a dear friend, an ocean away, and that is how we communicate.  That is something I will not compromise on.  I love her dearly and this is what we’ve done for probably 12 years or so! **Wink Wink Jeni**  She needs me and I need her.  Simple as that.

I want to put myself out there.  Move away from the familiar out into the ocean and see where the Lord leads me.  All these thoughts swirl and twirl in my head, but doubt keeps me from moving.  This time, I move.


My goals will be to be more minimalistic in my life.  It is necessary.  Clutter disturbs me greatly.  I want to fall in love with cooking, graduate 2 more kids, make life-changing decisions for 3 more kids, get involved in church, make friends, keep friends, create better relationships with the people around me.

I want to write a book, lose some weight, get my health on track.  Hunter is always on my mind and how I can make life easier for him.  Get back into therapies for him, possibly.  I think I’m going to get my Life Coach certification in trauma and grief so I can start working again…and actually, make a living!

All of these things take time and focus.

Focusing.  Loving my Jesus, my family, and myself.  Getting out of the black hole of social media.  Yes, I will miss things that are going on…but really…I missed them back before FB and it didn’t kill me.

I can and will do this.  30 Days…

For the Next 30 Days

  • Email me at
  • Call my cell or text
  • Pop by for a visit
  • Subscribe to this website to get updated blog posts in your email
  • Catch me at church
  • FB Messenger

That’s pretty much it.

Upcoming Posts for the Next Few Months

For December, I am reposting old blog posts from when we adopted Jude, almost 7 years ago.  This was a hard month for me to post on, but it is worth it to see God’s glory.  Please email if you have any questions about adoption.  Also feel free to comment!  I will definitely see it here.

January and part of February, I am posting about Lyme Disease and the story of my sweet friend and her daughter.  I’m super excited about educating others and getting the word out on Lyme.

February and part of March, I will be posting about this 30 Day Social Media Fast.  I know that is a long time away, but it is what it is :).  Documenting, as I go, from day to day.  I actually posted Day 1 and it is scheduled to go “live” on February 7, 2019, LOL.  How’s that for getting stuff done!

Be well and be blessed.  God is going to do amazing things in our family this month, I feel it!


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