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Remembering: October 2010-December 2011

Remembering:  October 2010-December 2011

Remembering: October 2010-December 2011

Remembering: October 2010-December 2011.  What a beautiful and horribly difficult this season of my life was…and not just for me.  This was difficult for my husband and my children, as well.  Our journey to bringing home Jude was one of the most sanctifying events of my life, personally.
6 Years Home
This year, 2018, marks 6 years our son has been with us.  This means he has been with us one year longer than he was with his “brown mommy.”  My heart almost bursts with this knowledge.
I know this time grieves sweet Tadelech, but it brings us such joy.  My joy was caused by another mama’s pain.  It really is a double-edged sword.  I’m so thankful to her for giving him life and for loving him well.  I am so grateful that she chose to give him life a second time by sacrificing her desires to raise him to allow us to raise him.
Small Series
For the next several posts, I will be posting short snippets of our adoption story.  These are from an old blog that I had, and I want to keep the memories fresh and alive.  There are still things I cannot see/watch because it brings up so many emotions for me.
I will not share the story of my Jude, as to why he came to us, but the journey it took us to get him.  We went to Ethiopia in October 2011.  There, we officially adopted him and were granted our adoption, through this beautiful country.  We came home, and we were scheduled to go and pick him up in December 2011.
The day after we got home, we received a letter from the US Embassy.  It was a letter informing us that we COULD NOT bring him home.  It was a confusing and hard time.  I’m not here to place blame on anyone.  We have forgiven those that caused this trauma, and that will not be spoken of.  I have no desire to drag anyone’s business/name through the mud.
But God
I will tell you that it took the army of Jesus Himself to guide us throughout this process.  We chose not to take NO for an answer, and we fought hard.  Clearly, after being told that it was IMPOSSIBLE to win this fight…we WON!  God won!  He receives ALL honor and glory.  His Name is magnified, not ours.
We are so thankful for the people who came alongside us and prayed on our behalf because we were not strong enough.  Matt Keller.  I will never forget you telling me, in church, that Jude WAS coming home.  Jesus spoke through you.  FMBC Women’s Ministry, Emily Miller for organizing and doing EVERYTHING for a yard sale that yielded us $3000 in 1.5 days.  Our international adoption attorney, our new (at the time) home study agency, my mom, my family, just so many people.
Enjoy this series…it is going to be healing, after all these years to look back on God’s glory instead of the pain.

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