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7 Years Ago Today

Our lives forever changed…

It got even better.

7 Years Ago Today


7 Years Ago Today

This picture brings up SO many emotions, 7 Years Ago Today.  I cannot even explain the sheer joy that we witnessed when we saw his little face.  These are faces that have lived and breathed a miracle of God.

I dreamed of adopting from Ethiopia when I was a child.  My dreams were shattered when Big Daddy said his heart was not for adopting…anywhere.  Then, my dreams became a reality again.  After many years of marriage, 3 biological children, and 2 adopted children (from the foster care system), we made a decision.  He was onboard with adopting an older boy from the country that had my heart.

We did it all and then some.

Dossier finished, the home study was done, approval, travel, met our son, adopted him in the country and then…my dreams were shattered.  A few days after we arrived home from adopting our son, in the country, we were denied by our country.

Heartbroken and depressed…the next several months escaped my memory.  I was going through the motions of life, without life in my heart.  God moved mountains over the next year or so.  He didn’t just move them, He moved them from the Pacific coast and crushed them in the Atlantic Ocean.

God.  Is.  Bigger.

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