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Mantra: September 9, 2011

Mantra:  September 9, 2011

Mantra: September 9, 2011
Mantra: September 9, 2011.  My therapist always told me (yes, I was therapized in my life) that I’m like a mother hen, I get my wings spread out and I gather all my little chicks under me to keep them safe.  I don’t like the unknown, I don’t like change, and I certainly don’t like being thrown into the fires of hell with nothing but a water pistol.
That’s okay, though, come Monday, I’m going to stop by Charming Charlie (if you have never been to this store….be prepared to stand in awe of all the things that sparkle.  I believe I salivated a bit when I first stepped through the doors).  At Charming Charlie, there is a back area…I think that it is a secret place where the only people who belong are those who have made friends with the “friends” in their mind (that’d be me).  Well, they have tiaras!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are so stinking cute.
Fires of Hell with a Water Pistol
I want one to remind me that I may be walking through the fires of hell with my water pistol, but I’m also a princess of the KING, and He is standing in front of me, beside me, and behind me.  He is letting me use said water pistol, because of my constant need to control….once the fire begins to consume me, though, I yield to His presence, and He takes over and stomps that fire out without even breaking a sweat.
My Cape
As for the “cape” in my new mantra….well, I’ve always wanted my life to be like a musical (i.e., The Phantom of the Opera or The Sound of Music)…the cool people *always* had capes; therefore I sense that I need one for posterity.  I tend to make songs up and sing randomly throughout my house when I’m driving (who needs a radio) and at work.  The kids, who I work with, love it when I work nights because come about 8:30, I begin singing show tunes……
It has been a long, long, long, long road since my last post.
Things are still up in the air with my son and when we can bring him home.  He remembers us, though, so that gives us comfort.  He is loved, he is fed, he plays hard…that gives me comfort.  I still want to be the one that comforts him.  I want to kiss his booboos when he falls, I want to fix his supper, I want to tuck him in at night, I want him to hear his mommy and daddy tell him how much he is loved and treasured.  How much we’ve prayed for him and for this whole situation to be rectified.
I have devoted this week to do my first fast….can we say…UGH.  The thing that steals the most time or that I love the most is to be given up.  I decided on giving up Facebook and coke…COKE.  Do you *know* how much I love coke?  I drink it out of the can, hot; I drink it in a giant mug with crushed ice; out of a wine glass; out of the fridge; anyway I can get it is how I drink it.  I.LOVE.COKE.  I love everything about coke.  I love that way the fizz goes up my nose, the way it burns when it goes down my throat…love…coke.
Focused Prayer


During this week, I’m focusing on prayer and prayer of *very* specific things.
-for approval
-quick embassy date
-to travel before the end of the month
-B’s job situation
-healing within our family
-for Gigi to be completely healed
It is a big list, but I have a big God, and I’m choosing to pray to believe that giant miracles are headed our way.
So… I go, with my tiara and cape in hand (more like Bible and scarf) and I’m going to conquer the world 🙂
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