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A New Series on Lyme Disease

**This series on Lyme Disease was initially posted a few years ago.  I’m reposting the Lyme Disease series to bring awareness to those who are new to my blog.  One family’s story of healing through faith and “atypical” type care.  Please be respectful of Callie’s story.  If you have any questions, throughout this month, please do not hesitate to comment or email me at  Thank you.**

Special Note from Lesley

January is always a reflective month for me. Another birthday, a new year and another anniversary of just how good God has been to hear our cries.  He has healed our daughter.  We began this journey over 11 years ago.  God was so gracious to forewarn us that trials were headed our way. Somehow, we stumbled our way through with hours of prayers, research, and tears.  In the end, as He always does, He delivered us and held true to His word.

Six years in the desert.  Amazingly He never left our side.  Even now, 5 years after Callie’s healing He is still bringing blessings our way through the many people sent to us to help.  Oh, and the five-year update on Callie? Healthy as a horse, applying to grad schools and graduating this spring! God is faithful!


Lyme Disease Symptoms


New Series:  Reposted

Starting today or tomorrow, I will be having a guest blogger.  She is going to do an intro post telling about herself and her daughter’s struggle with undiagnosed Lyme Disease and the effects it has had on her and how she was healing through proper diagnosis and treatment.

I have known this lady for about 24 years.  We were pregnant together with our oldest daughters, so the sweet girl who struggled is one that I had loved on when she was younger and prayed for as she has grown into a beautiful young woman.

They want their story to first and foremost honor Jesus.  God gets all the glory for all the ups and downs this family has gone endured.  Through Him, he placed people in the right places to get this sweet girl the help that she so desperately needed.  He gave her a hope and a future when most people just gave her medicine or the possibility of a deem and pain filled future.

I’m super excited about this.  In honor of the on that Callie was healed (which is the month of January), I will be posting, daily, the snippets of wisdom that will hopefully help at least one person find out answers.

Want More Info?

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to comment below!  I will contact my friend, Lesley, and from there will hopefully give you an answer.

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