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How Many of These Diagnoses Do You Have

How Many of These diagnoses Do You Have?  Again, four years, we wasted…nine doctors and multiple misdiagnoses.  As a matter of fact, we have spent thousands of dollars and I mean THOUSANDS spent on treatments and medications.

The list in this picture is just a partial list of possible diseases that are actually Lyme.

We value each of the nine doctors and did their treatments.  These treatments range from vasovagal syncope, chronic fatigue, gluten intolerance, and fibromyalgia.

All in all, four years wasted we could have been attacking.  Please, do not be fooled.

However, we love and value our medical friends.  Not to mention, these doctors are not educated properly about Lyme disease and its co-infections.

For example, the list of doctors for Callie included specialists at Vanderbilt and Kosair’s.  Amazingly, they simply don’t know about it.

Again, being bitten by a tick and having the tell-tale bullseye rash is not the only way to contract Lyme.  It can be passed to you in other ways.

Co-Morbid Lyme Symptoms.  Take a look at that list.  How Many of These Diagnoses Do You Have?

How Many of These Diagnoses Do You Have

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