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Uncontrollable Crying

Uncontrollable Crying

Uncontrollable Crying:  so here’s your weird Lyme fact for the day!
It didn’t happen often but two days while at school I got texts that said:

“Mom – please come to get me immediately. For some reason, I need to cry and I cannot hold it back any longer.” “I’m afraid I’m going to start sobbing in front of everyone.”

It also happened two times at night while at home.  There was no real reason for, it at the time.  I just assumed she had hit a rough spot and was simply exhausted from the battle.

She says now she felt silly because she had no reason to be sobbing.  Yet, she couldn’t stop.  I asked permission to share this as it is super personal.  Callie’s response is to share everything, even the ugly if it helps someone else.

What a brave girl to endure so much and have her body ravaged by so many things.  Yet, she did the best she could and she pressed on.  That is what walking out your faith looks like.  Uncertainty yet we press on.  Callie is a strong young girl and I’m so proud of her.

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