Bartonella and Lyme Carditis


This is all about Bartonella and Lyme Carditis.  You may have one or all of these symptoms.
Callie had two of the symptoms and tested positive for Bartonella.
Bartonella is one of Lyme’s favorite friends.
Lyme never comes alone it brings.  It often brings other infections with it.  Thus, creating tons of symptoms.  By creating tons of symptoms, this makes Lyme hard to diagnose.

Igenex Labs are where you want your tests sent.  They know what to do and how to do it and what to test for.  Please do not settle for less than the best.

Lyme carditis

“Lyme Carditis occurs when Lyme disease bacteria enter the tissues of the heart.  This can interfere with the normal movement of electrical signals from the heart’s upper to lower chambers, a process that coordinates the beating of the heart.  The result is something physicians call “heart block,” which can vary in degree and change rapidly.”

Watch for the signs or symptoms of Bartonella and Lyme Carditis.  This is scary stuff but the more that you know the more likely you are to be cured.

Bartonella and Lyme Carditis

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