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Happy 18th Birthday Grayce

Happy 18th Birthday Grayce

Happy 18th Birthday Grayce

Happy 18th Birthday Grayce.  Another large family celebration of a child’s birthday.  Today, she is “legally” an adult.  She has definitely made life interesting.  There has been a lot of sanctification that the Lord has done on me with this child.


She is my first adopted child and only adopted daughter.  After all, I believe she is the oldest child we adopted (she was 6).  Literally, I have cried more tears, yelled at God more, clung to the cross more with this one.  Sadly, Grayce figures things out the hard way.

Listening to wisdom comes second to what she wants.  Eventually, usually, years later, she figures out the lesson.  However, once she learns something she typically does not forget that lesson.  This year is no different in our large family birthday celebration of her life.  I mean, she is a legal adult now.  Gasp.

Marching to the Beat of Her Own Drum

She has a lot of lofty aspirations for life.  I hope and pray that she achieves them all.  Also, I pray that the Lord is her constant Guide and Companion throughout her years.  She is a living, breathing testimony of God’s faithfulness and protection.

Grayce enjoys family time and large family celebrations.  In contrast, she has the tendency to cause a little havoc during those times.  Sadly, there are many times she has to be redirected or step away from things.  She gets “overly” excited, as she puts it.  However, when she is in that state of escalation, she chooses to do things that are not wonderful.

In the light of things, once she calms down, she is able to safely and kindly enjoy the events.  Birthdays are hard.  Living in a large family is hard, as well.  Therefore, celebrations are even harder.  By the same token, I hope and pray that she overcomes these tendencies.

Happy 18th Birthday Grayce

May she always be aware of that and use that for the rest of her life.  With this in mind, Happy 18th Birthday Grayce to our third child.

Happy 21st Birthday Alyssa


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