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Day 2 Social Media Fast

Lying Lips (3)

Day 2 Social Media Fast started out with another bang, quite literally.  We woke up with a start due to a thunderstorm.  There were lots of rumbles and giant claps of thunder that woke everyone in the house up.  So weird that on my birthday, it snowed.  On December 1, 2018 (when I am writing this), it is 70 degrees.

Trouble with a Capital “T”

Sadly, Hunter was in trouble as soon as his feet hit the ground.  People, this is not normal 4 yr old (he is 5 by the time this is posting) stuff.  The rages and OCD are horrendous.  I pray by the time this post goes live, that we will be on the other side of the rainbow.

I stayed in bed until 11 am (thank God for Saturdays).  There was nothing for me to do since I am on day 2 of this social media fast. So, I pretty much just kept my head under the covers and was left with my thoughts.  Not.  Fun.


Big Daddy and my son-in-law decided that today was a good day to fix the thermostat in my bedroom.  I am very thankful because our heat has been screwed up and it forced me out of the bed.  The bathroom still needs organizing, so I worked on it a bit while the bigger kids were raking the leaves.

On a whim, I called my oldest and asked her if she wanted to go to lunch and shop.  I had to get out of the house.  She said yes, so as soon as I could, I headed over there to pick her up.  We went to Bob Evans for soup and as luck would have it, our waiter’s name was Tay.

My Son

I know I looked at this boy and he saw the blood drain from my face.  Victoria was very quiet.  Our eyes met and I asked him his last name and who his mom was.  I knew, in my heart, this was not my son.  My son would be going on 13, this month.  This beautiful young man was in his late teens/early 20s.

As tears filled my eyes, I simply said that I had a son named Tay and that they resembled.  He looked like he could not get away from me fast enough, bless his heart.  My first thought was “Lord, You are not funny…this is not funny.”  Lunch was good, but I found myself staring at this boy and wondering where my son was at that particular moment.


We left there and went to the bookstore.  I’m so thankful my kids have a great love for books.  After that, we meandered into the Dollar Tree.  She got some things for work and I picked up a pirate outfit for Hunter.

Next up, was Burke’s, then Michael’s, and a small attempt at Kohl’s.  We began getting overwhelmed, so we headed to my mom’s house.  I had to pick something up and ended up leaving a tablet for my dad and mom to play with.  Daddy was so cute trying to figure it all out.  We had a really good visit.

A Bit More Shopping

After we left there, we went to Old Navy.  We bought some jeans and a sweater.  All the while, we chatted the day/evening away.  It was nice.  I rarely spend one on one time with her (or any kid aside from their birthday) because I am so consumed with everything else.  This might need to be a habit.

After Old Navy, we were done…until mom called and needed her old tablet back.  I was going to do some work on it but she needed it.  So, we turned around and we got to love on her.  We ended up getting home about 9:30 pm.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy had ordered pizza, they were all watching Elf when I pulled up.  I want to get on Facebook so I can see this young man again.  Sadly, I know that that is not good for my heart.  I hope and pray that Shay and Tay are warm, fed, and well loved wherever they may be.

Forever, these baby’s will have my heart.


Day 1 Social Media Fast

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