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Day 6 Social Media Fast



Day 6 Social Media Fast.  Today did not even phase me.  I did not wake up angry, in fact, I was in a pretty decent mood.  My mind went straight to “what can I accomplish today since I cannot get on my phone.”  I had a hard time because yesterday’s fiasco of ripping things out of my bathroom did not go so well.  In fact, I knew better than to do that again.

My Day Began

Ended up working my way downstairs and my first thing was to grade papers.  Sadly, I didn’t get around to that because Noah needed help with math.  It took an act of congress to get his math stuff to download.  Once it did, we quickly moved through a couple of chapters.  Who has time to be a social media addict?  Not me, I have got papers to grade.


I thought it best to work on oil stuff.  There are so many oils and I want to know the uses of each one.  I want to be able to properly educate others on the benefits and uses of the many oils available.  In working on that, I got overwhelmed because there are so many.

There was no blog work today.  Our heat is still not working quite right and a few phone calls needed to be made.  In the midst of all that, Victoria called and said that she and Alyssa were going to do Christmas baking, tonight.  That really isn’t a problem and I was excited that I had supper ready for the oven at 10 am.

I did take pictures but did not post to Facebook or Instagram.  Instead, I will print them out in the little books that I buy occasionally.  That way, the memories are preserved.

Found the Culprit

Also, an exciting moment…I found the smell in the fridge.  It wafts straight up ass-like smell every time I open the fridge.  I have cleaned it out, Jude has cleaned it out and Alyssa cleaned it out.  We could not find the source of the smell.  Today, I found it.  I pulled a carton of boiled eggs out and sniffed them.  Wow.  The smell about blew my eyebrows off my body.  Facebook worthy knowledge? Not enough to break my Day Social Media Fast.

Baking Begins

The kids all came in around 4 and we started our baking.  We knocked out Nuts and Bolts, Christmas Crack, 4 things of fudge, 4 batches of oreo balls, and White Trash.  Also, we prepared to dredge peanut butter crackers in almond bark, bonbons, and white chocolate covered pretzels.

All Accounted For

Some kids were watching movies, one was staring at people, and one was doing the dishes.  Big Daddy, Ben, V, and I played cards.  It was a good night.  Hunter was excellent again today.  Just a joy.  In fact, Big Daddy said he didn’t feel like he was shaking as badly as normal.  Perhaps I should let all of Twitter know this phenomenal news.  On the other hand, maybe not.  Twitter is not my jam.

Wins for Day 6 Social Media Fast

He was able to hold himself onto the toilet AND feed himself leftover Turkey Tetrazzini (with a fork) by himself!  I took a video.  It was a moment of just sheer joy for me! He was a mess and he made a huge mess, but I didn’t care.  That boy fed himself.

This has been a good week.  I see the benefits of being social media free.  I feel like the Lord is showing me kindness.  Now, if the stupid heat would work right, that would just be the icing on the cake.

Who knows, maybe I will keep this up.  They say after 30 days of doing something it becomes a habit.  I pray that this habit sticks.  Are you social media free?  It is Day 6 Social Media Fast and I’m plugging along.

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