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Day 8 Social Media Fast

Day 8 Social Media Fast

Day 8 Social Media Fast has come to a close.  I am exhausted.  It has been another super busy day.  A little-known secret about me is that I do not function well if I have to be out of the house several days in a row.  I just get mentally exhausted.


Today, I had an appointment for a worker to come to my house at 9 am.  I prepared the night before by having the kids do their chores.  All that needed to be done was getting diffusers going and light pick up.  I also took my shower the night before because I didn’t want to get up early.  **Cue I am not a morning person.**

Change of Plans

Got downstairs, after having to wake Hunter up, and the guy had to reschedule for 4 pm.  In true fashion, I laid back down for about 15 minutes.  It was supposed to snow this weekend (not a good time for my heat to be out).  I took the opportunity to go to the grocery.

Beings that I was already ready, I got moving quite early.  Once I got some of my groceries, I got a call from Big Daddy.  He said the HVAC guy was at the house and I needed to get home.  Luckily, I was loading up the van to leave.  Since I was beside a local Goodwill type shop, I dropped off some donations.  That freed up the back of my van.


I hustled home and spent the next bit waiting for him to diagnose my heat problem.  Thankfully, he figured it out but it won’t be fixed until Monday or Tuesday.  In that time, I got to share a bit about Hunter’s story.  He shared a bit about the miracle that he had witnessed.  His love of God was evident.

Preschool Meeting

While he was wrapping up, I had to get Hunter ready to go and meet his preschool teacher.  He starts on January 4.  We got him all dolled up and headed out the door.  I didn’t expect to stay as long as we did.  He participated in music, table work time, and free play.

It sure did pull at my heartstrings.  He looked so big and yet so small.  His body didn’t cooperate the whole time and that was frustrating.  I’m not sure how the teachers will be able to handle him, with his needs.  The difference between Hunter and his peers is HUGE.  That part broke my heart.

We left there and I knew we had to hustle.  I had to get gas, drop off a paper, and finish grocery shopping.  In my wisdom, I hauled Hunter.  He really was good, just wow though.  Taking a 4 yr old to Walmart is not the most fun thing ever in the history of ever.

Another Appointment

We made it home just in time for our afternoon appointment.  It didn’t take long.  Glad it didn’t because Bart and I had a dinner date with our friends.  We headed to Max’s where we enjoy good food and even better company.  We really did have such a great time.

Wrapping it Up

I had one minor moment where I wanted to get on Instagram…just to scroll and look at the IG stories.  Refrain.  Redirect.  I ate chips instead.  Not sure that is a good alternative since I was not hungry at all.

Tomorrow promises to be another long day full of “all the things.”  Tonight, I smear Frankincense and Melaleuca on my jawline.  Also, Clove on my gums.  I am cutting a wisdom tooth cause God is a comedian like that!

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