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Day 9 Social Media Fast

Day 9 Social Media Fast

Day 9 Social Media Fast.  Gracious mercy.  Today, I did miss SM.  It is Saturday, December 8, 2018, when I am writing this.  Saturday’s are meant to sleep in and scroll mindlessly.  Now, I did sleep in but there was no scrolling.


Our goal was to get the tree up and decorate it.  That was a HUGE undertaking.  All the kids were supposed to be here.  They requested no formal dinner, just finger foods type things.  I started cooking once my feet hit the floor.  There really was very little downtime.

Cutting Teeth is Stupid

Bart had some fantasy baseball thing he had to do, so he was gone in the morning but came home sporting donuts.  My tooth is still hurting like a dirty word.  I’m cutting a wisdom tooth.  How freaking stupid is that?  Seriously,  I am 46 yrs old.  I should not be cutting teeth.

All About Food

Anyway, I made cheese dip, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, sausage balls, and Weiner winks.  I also made a cheese ball and some of the best veggie/cracker dip ever in the history of ever.  There was a request for chess pie and chocolate chess pie.  We bought some chips and drinks.  Bart made pizza egg roll type things.  I ended up chopping up some ham and boiling hotdogs cause my kids eat like they are starving.

Making Our Way

We got the tree out and up, only to realize that none of the lights worked. It is a pre-lit tree, so there is that.  We had some lights that we added last year, but most of them did not work either.  Ben and Noah ran to the store and bought more lights.  Those are the ones we got strung on the tree.

Alyssa ended up being stuck at work, so there was no decorating tonight.  I didn’t want her to miss it and she felt bad because her relief didn’t show up.  While we waited for her, we all played Euchre.  It is a type of Yankee poker.  The other kids colored and watched Christmas movies.

Life as I Know It

All in all, it was a fun night.  We missed Alyssa being home, but they are all coming back tomorrow to decorate the tree.  She was wanting to play Apples to Apples, so we will do that.  That is a game that all the kids can play.

I love having a lot of kids…even though they are loud and frustrating.  It is nice to relax and enjoy a night because it is hard sometimes.  There are a couple of my kids that are escalated during the holidays because of past trauma.  With that being said, the holidays can be rough around here.

Tonight was definitely an exception to that rule.

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