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Day 10 Social Media Fast

Day 10 Social Media Fast

Day 10 Social Media Fast and I yielded. Today was spent at church.  The end of church service, during what is traditionally called the benediction, was very special.  There was an anointing of oil on Hunter and lots of prayers for him.  We do not know the names of many people at that church, though we have been going for a year.  Yet, their faces, smiles, and prayers are so precious to us.

Hunter and Dale

One moment, that I want to forever etch in my mind, is when a man finished praying over Hunter.  There was another fella, that we love dearly, and he was sitting on the altar.  The church was praying around and for him.  He smiled so big and motioned for Hunter to come over to him.  Hunter RAN to his arms and the embrace was something you would see in the Word of God.

Dale,  during a frightening time in his life, hugged my baby and prayed over him.  Hunter simply melted into him.  It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.  He will never remember this moment, but I pray that Bart and I do.

Chinese no Nap

Once home, I snuggled in bed with my Chinese food.  There was not a whole lot of time because, at 2, Bug and Ben came by to help with the tree.  We got it decorated and I pray that the rest of the house gets decorated tomorrow.  I sort of wanted to post my pictures to Facebook and Instagram, but I refrained.  I didn’t want to ruin my Day 10 Social Media Fast.

After that, we played cards.  Once a couple of games were under our belts, Alyssa joined the party.  We played Apples to Apples.  It was so fun.  I must say, I am enjoying the company of my older children.  They are pretty fun people.

Hunkering Down

The big kids went home and I hunkered down…that’s when the noise started.  I listened to the noise in my head and I opened up Facebook and Instagram.  Honestly, I can say I spent no more than 1-minute scrolling and guess what?  There is NOTHING to report.

60 Seconds of Weakness

I mean, sure, there are some sweet pictures of my friends and their kids.  There are lots of Christmas tree pictures.  Mostly noise.  The one thing I miss is the constant “check-up” of my friend across the pond.  We still communicate on messenger.  I will not yield on that because our friendship is a priority to me.

I opened Instagram and instantly the desire left.  Isn’t that how sin is and the temptation is?  Satan tempts you and plants that seed.  He baits you and that noise become really loud, at times.  When I yielded to temptation, the sting left.  Yet, What Satan wanted you to do, you did.  Regret sets in and shame set in.  Now, in the past, I would have wilted in that knowledge that I screwed up.

Lesson Learned on Day 10 Social Media Fast

Not today, my friend.  I owned it and I now know that it wasn’t really that important and that I have already been forgiven.  Now, I realize that checking social media is not a sin.  Seriously, I do.  I did not make a covenant with God to be off of it.  In fact, I just wanted to break a habit.  It is much like eating a piece of cake when you are on a diet.  You want it and see it.  Then you can’t stop thinking about it till you eat that cake.  Sadly, you feel like crap afterward.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I’m going to make some phone calls, put clothes away, hopefully, get my heat fixed upstairs.  Lasagna is on tap for supper, so I’m going to get that started bright and early.  Heck, I may even shave my legs.  What you won’t find me doing is scrolling on social media.

Onward and Upward friends.  Day 10 Social Media Fast is done.  Tomorrow is day 11!  I believe that a 60 second moment of stupidity does not break me or my goals.

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