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Day 11 Social Media Fast

Day 11 Social Media Fast

Day 11 Social Media Fast.  Frankly, I have not had time to mindlessly scroll today.  All last night, I was on edge.  You know that sound, deep in the recesses of the night.  A cough here, a cough there.  Then, the sound of vomit.  Yep.  Vomit.

Houston, We Have Vomit

At about 11 pm, Hunter whined a bit, coughed a bit, and then there is was…the sound.  In good mom fashion, I panicked.  I do not do vomit.  Not even in the slightest.  There is no moment, in time, where I do vomit.  So, I jumped up and turned the bathroom light on.

Then, I scurried to the door and hollered for Bart.  He is such a good daddy.  As he is heading up the stairs, I whisper “vomit.”  He does what all good daddy’s do and he rushes over to Hunter to check things out.  I cower behind the bedroom door hoping the vomit does not hear me.  Honestly, who has time to be a social media addict when vomit is involved?

Good Daddy Versus Sucky Mommy

He tells Hunter to head into the bathroom and I do go in there with him.  I take his shirt off and escort him to the toilet.  Kids with ataxia shake.  All the time.  There are very little times when they do not shake aka never stop shaking.  Then, he starts gagging and I’m done.

Bart is trying to check the status of his covers/bed and I’m high tailing it out of the bathroom.  All the while, I’m whispering “vomit, vomit.”  I guess I think the vomit will hear me and I will start vomiting.  Sadly, I am not far off that mark because I will hold your hair back, but I will also be throwing up right with you.  Fun stuff in store for Day 11 Social Media Fast.

Doing What I Can

I wiped down his bed and got him a new shirt (see I can parent like a beast).  Also, I got a washcloth.  Hunter had no fever and seemed fine, but I gave him a 1/2 a Zofran anyway cause mama ain’t playing.  Essential oils were diffused.  Bart cuddles him and loves him.  Here I am, mother of the year, dry heaving in the corner.  Good times.

Once he got settled in bed, I asked Bart if this was going to be like an event in Scripture.  Hunter was prayed over that morning and then puking that night.  Is this like when Jesus cast the demons out of the man and the flew into the pigs?  Is he puking out his disease?  Will he be stable tomorrow?  Or, as Bart put it, he could just have a little bug.  Whatever. One can hope.

Every Move He Makes

I heard every move he made last night, so I’m pretty tired today.  He has been good.  There have been a few moments of chaos, but for the most part…he has been good.  I made 2 pans of lasagna.  Also, I got 2 kids stuff graded and their schedules for next semester.

In my exhaustion, I wanted to scroll Facebook.  Not a lot, just a little.  Enough to scratch the itch of needing to see what the outside world is doing.  Hi, I’m Brandi.  I’m a social media addict.  Currently, I am on Day 11 Social Media Fast.

Day 11 Social Media Fast Accomplishments

If G works through the summer, I can have her graduated by December.  That seemed to please her.  She says she will…but I know that it will be a struggle.  Jude will finish up quickly…way before May.  He is flying through his schoolwork.  We do need to work on his writing skills though.

We also got the house finished, decorating wise for Christmas (remember, I’m writing this on December 10, 2018, LOL).  The kids did deep cleaning today while I just organized some stuff.  Things get so out of place so quickly around here.

That took a lot of time to go through that.  Tomorrow, I will go through the last kid’s stuff and get his schedule all ironed out.  My mom is coming to bake tomorrow, so that will take up 1/2 my day.


Jude and I noticed today that Hunter was not shaking at all after a nap.  Like there was an occasional sway but when I told him to stop, he did.  I’m thinking that maybe he did vomit up all that mess that has plagued him.

He fed himself part of his lasagna tonight, with a fork.  He did some massive exercises with Jude.  Bizarre.  Maybe his condition leaves him just like it showed up.  Quickly.

That is my prayer.  I’m sure it is just my imagination.  I mean he just kissed me goodnight and he was not shaking but not steady.  A girl can hope, though.  Day 11 Social Media Fast in the books.

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