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Day 13 Social Media Fast


Day 13 Social Media Fast.  Facebook, small desire.  Instagram, I yielded.  Pinterest, nada.  Twitter, nada.  It is after 3 pm as I write this, so I still have a chunk of the day left.  I scrolled through Instagram for about 2 minutes…really did nothing for me.  That is not entirely true.  First thing I saw was my sweet little great nephew and his smiling face.  I cannot even.  So freaking adorable.


I must question, though, is social media losing its appeal?  The possibility is huge at this moment.  I don’t miss Facebook.  Twitter is something I never use and really neither is Pinterest.  Now, that being said, my posts automatically post to all those social media sites once I hit “publish”.  Am I still an addict?  Do I need to continue on my Social Media fast?  I would say, yes, because I’m currently on Day 13 Social Media Fast and the temptation is lessening.


I digress.   My mom came this morning to bake.  We made chocolate and peanut butter fudge (well, she did).  Also, 2 big pans of nuts & bolts.  There was Christmas Crack and White Trash.  I think tomorrow, I will make Bon Bons.  We laughed, cried, and played some Scrabble.  Seriously though, I would have totally would have taken pictures and posted it to Facebook or Instagram.

Update on Hunter

Today, Hunter was the most stable he has ever been.  I mean, freaky stable.  However, it was hard to focus because we were staring at him.  There was a video that I took and I sent it to Dr. Monahan in St. Augustine, FL.  He is the doctor who did the “out of the box” treatment on Hunter.  Above all, I simply wanted to say hi, thank you, and give him an update.

I don’t think I screwed up my Day 13 Social Media Fast because I am still on messenger.  In fact, I sent the video that I wanted to send to Dr. Monahan through messenger.  I had to do that because the file was too large for regular text messaging.

Wisdom in the Midst of Chaos

We had a rough night, last night, with one of our kids.  I am blessed to have a mom who will step up to the plate and help me.  She sat and talked to him.  There was encouragement, love, wisdom, and a big dose of truth.  She was tough but kind.  It was humbly to sit there and be witness to the beauty that flowed from her mouth.

Day Social Media Fast Prayers

My prayer is that her words penetrated his heart and that change will come.  I pray that he uses kindness instead of violence.  That he is able to restrain his flesh for those things above.  Honestly, I pray the same thing for me.  It is so difficult parenting kids from hard places.

Also, on this Day 13 Social Media Fast, I continue to pray that I can remain steadfast.  There are some platforms that I have no desire for (Twitter and Pinterest).  Yet, Facebook and Instagram, I continue to have an issue with.  Maybe it is the mindless “get out of my own head” that I enjoy.

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