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My Boy is 18

My Boy is 18My Boy is 18

I just really can’t even go there.  My Boy is 18.  How did 18 years fly by so quickly?  I mean, he has facial hair.  More than me, so that is definitely saying something.  His voice is deeper, his Adam’s apple is all visible and such.  The hair on his legs I could probably braid if he would let me.

Today, at lunch, we talked about the fact that he is graduating high school in May.  Also, the boy is starting college in the fall.  How is this possible? He was my first son, the first birth I allowed anyone to witness (besides my husband). The first child to be blessed by both sisters.  In fact, he was the first, and only, grandson on my husband’s side.  The only grandchild named after my father.  He has the most birthmarks (in the strangest places) of any of my kids.

I cannot even accurately describe how much I adore this child.  He is so fun to be around.  Honestly, he chiggers me to my core, but in a good way (most of the time).  I dread the day that he moves out because I struggle when any of my kids have left. Thankfully, that has only happened once and I have survived LOL.

He is a beacon for Jesus.  I pray that he always follows the leading of the Lord.  That, as he continues to grow and move on, that he is able to lead, provide, and protect.  He is my treasure.

Happy Birthday, Boo!  You are loved.

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