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Reflecting on Our Family and Community

As I sit here, Reflecting on Our Family and Community, I get a bit teary.  During Hunter’s onset and 2-week hospitalization, people came out of the woodwork to help.  The, quite literally, became the hands and feet of Jesus for our family.

Family, Friends, and Friends by Proxy

My sister arranged for people to bring ME food/supplies to the hospital.  Also, my uncle and his sweet wife came and visited us.  They brought toys, food, money, and just was a presence for my weary mind.  My niece and daughter came.  They brought food and toys for Hunter.  Hunter’s MaMaw (my sister) drove up and stayed for the day.  She brought me my granny’s quilt and my favorite pillow.  Big Daddy came up for his birthday/father’s day to stay with us. My daddy made me a beautiful, hand stamped leather strap that said: “trust God hold on.”  We had friend’s that were just visiting Louisville and popped in with treasures.

On the Home Front

Our church provided prayers, helped with kids, donated money, and a food train.  Then there was Ms. Marcella founder of Marcella’s Kitchen.  She and her team of volunteers are an amazing blessing to our family…they have graciously fed our family for a month while I was gone and when we got home.  They even brought it to my house 5 days a week FOR FREE.  Just to help.

Marshall County Ramp Ministry

This group of people did not hesitate to come out to my home.  They got this ramp done in no time in order to help ease our transition from what we knew as “normal” to our new normal.  Seeing your baby go from running and playing to using a gait walker is beyond comprehension.

I cried when they came.  There were even more tears when they lovingly built this ramp.  Then, there was a flood of emotion watching Hunter navigate with his new walker.  The walker eventually turned into a wheelchair but by the grace of God.  He no longer needs assistance walking.

Here is part of the Marshall County Ramp Ministry Team.  What a blessing.

Reflecting on Our Family and Community
This picture was taken almost 2 years ago, right after his diagnosis.
This was taken 4.9.19

God is good!

We are, generally, the givers and doers.  The hands and feet of Jesus, so to speak.  So this is all new to us.  This is not the path we would have chosen for our family.   It is what it is though.  I will not love Jesus any less for this trial we are walking through.  Most days, I do not say “why us”…I say “why not us.”   Who better to walk this path than our family.  We are being taught great things.  Also, we are being blessed right and left.

I want to say that we are humbled by the graciousness and love.  We would love for this illness to just be a season of our lives, but it may be our new way of normal.  It is in hope that, one day, when we get used to our new life, that we will be able to serve others in the way we have been served.

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