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Taking the Snot Out of Allergy Season

Taking the Snot Out of Allergy SeasonTaking the Snot Out of Allergy Season.  The flowers and trees are blooming!  I LOVE spring.  The newness of rebirth and color flashing across the trees… warms my heart.

However, Spring Does NOT Love Me.

For as long as I can remember, I have been plagued with severe allergies.  I am allergic to all things.  If the Lord created it, I sneeze at it.  My mom had me do allergy shots for years, in hopes that I would have some relief.

Due to Insurance Reasons

I had to stop getting the shots for a long time.  Luckily, as an adult, I (along with most of my children) was able to start them back up for a while.  It really didn’t help too much.  I was reduced to using nasal sprays, eye drops, OTC allergy meds, prescribed allergy meds, shots, and lots of tissues.

I was Miserable with Copious Snot

Sadly, I have learned to just deal with it.  Spring and fall are the worst parts of the year for my face.  Ironically, those are still my 2 favorite seasons because of the sheer beauty that surrounds me.  So much snot.  I can’t even. Eventually, I was going to bottle and sell my snot in order to pay for my tissues.

Enter My Game Changer:  Breathe, Lavender, Purify, Roman Chamomile, and Zendocrine

Now, let’s bear in mind that this works FOR ME!  I have done away with all prescription meds, OTC, nasal sprays, and eye drops.  It is simple:  I no longer need them.  I will post in a couple of days my day to day, carry with me, allergy relief.  I use these oils and I diffuse them.

Once they get going and it permeates the air, my nose stops running.  My mouth and eyes stop itching.  I use 3 drops of each for my smaller diffusers and I use 4 drops of each in my big diffusers.

Breakdown of Costs

I do not run this every day!  On the days when I realize that I’m going through a box of tissues in an hour, I run them.  In the offseason, I do not use this at all.  The 15 ml bottles contain 250 drops.  The 5 ml bottle contains 85 drops.  So, if I did this daily (3 drops of each) and used the ENTIRE bottle of Roman Chamomile, that would give me 28 days straight.  I would still have 165 drops of each of the other oils left, so there’s that 🙂

Breathe:  $22 is $.08 per drop, $0.24 per day

Lavender:  $23 is $.08 per drop, $0.24 per day

Purify:  $20 is $.07 per drop, $0.21 per day

Roman Chamomile:  $45 is $.54 per drop, $1.62 per day

Zendocrine:  $24 is $.10 per drop, $.30 per day

That total is $2.61 PER DAY of relief.  That is for a month.  It is natural and it works.  Remember, IF you just did this for the length of time it takes to empty the Roman Chamomile bottle, that is 28 days.

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