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Taking the Snot Out of Allergy Season

Taking the Snot Out of Allergy Season.  The flowers and trees are blooming!  I LOVE spring.  The newness of rebirth and color flashing across the trees…it warms my heart.

However, Spring Does NOT Love Me.

For as long as I can remember, I have been plagued with severe allergies.  I am allergic to all the things.  If the Lord created it, I sneeze to it.  My mom had me do allergy shots for years, in hopes that I would have some relief.

Due to Insurance Reasons

I had to stop getting the shots for a long time.  Luckily, as an adult, I (along with most of my children) was able to start them back up for a while.  It really didn’t help too much.  I was reduced to using nasal sprays, eye drops, OTC allergy meds, prescribed allergy meds, shots, and lots of tissues.

I was Miserable with Copious Snot

Sadly, I have learned to just deal with it.  Spring and fall are the worst parts of the year for my face.  Ironically, those are still my 2 favorite seasons because of the sheer beauty that surrounds me.  So much snot.  I can’t even. Eventually, I was going to bottle and sell my snot in order to pay for my tissues.

Enter My Game Changer:  Breathe, Lavender, Purify, Roman Chamomile, and Zendocrine

Taking the Snot Out of Allergy Season

Now, let’s bear in mind that this works FOR ME!  I have done away with all prescription meds, OTC, nasal sprays, and eye drops.  It is simple:  I no longer need them.  I will post in a couple of days my day to day, carry with me, allergy relief.  I use these oils and I diffuse them.

Once they get going and it permeates the air, my nose stops running.  My mouth and eyes stop itching.  I use 3 drops of each for my smaller diffusers and I use 4 drops of each in my big diffusers.

Breakdown of Costs

I do not run this every day!  On the days when I realize that I’m going through a box of tissues in an hour, I run them.  On the offseason, I do not use this at all.  The 15 ml bottles contain 250 drops.  The 5 ml bottle contains 85 drops.  So, if I did this daily (3 drops of each) and used the ENTIRE bottle of Roman Chamomile, that would give me 28 days straight.  I would still have 165 drops of each of other oils left, so there’s that 🙂

Breathe:  $22 is $.08 per drop, $0.24 per day

Lavender:  $23 is $.08 per drop, $0.24 per day

Purify:  $20 is $.07 per drop, $0.21 per day

Roman Chamomile:  $45 is $.54 per drop, $1.62 per day

Zendocrine:  $24 is $.10 per drop, $.30 per day

That total is $2.61 PER DAY of relief.  That is for a month.  It is natural and it works.  Remember, IF you just did this for the length of time it takes to empty the Roman Chamomile bottle, that is 28 days. You can buy your Roman Chamomile again (you will earn points if you become a customer or rep to earn this for free, eventually) and you would not have to buy your other oils again for 5 mths!

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