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Reflecting on the Story of Our Rescue

Reflecting on the Story of Our Rescue.  This is a story of My Hero and His Sidekicks.  After another Chemo and IVIG 2 day trip to the hospital, my anxiety took over my body.  It has snowed/iced while we were 4 hrs away at the hospital.  My tribe took over and saved the day.

My Fella


Reflecting on the Story of Our Rescue

^^^^^^^^^^This man caught a ride, in the nasty winter weather we had, rode and 1 1/2 hrs to where Hunter and I were stopped because my sanity could not do it any longer after 2 days of no sleep because of sitting in a hospital room.  We got food, and we chatted the whole way home about nothing and everything.  He never hesitated.^^^^^

Future Son In Law

The Story of Our Rescue


^^^^^This boy, who wants to marry the girl in the picture, dropped everything to drive my husband 1 1/2 hrs to where I was.  He never hesitated or complained.  He just asked how we (meaning me and the baby) were and that he was happy to help.  This girl, in this picture, called me on the way home and made me laugh, encouraged me, and chatted my ear off to keep me from wailing.^^^^^^^

My Daddy

The Story of Our Rescue


^^^^^^This ripe old man, made me a strap of leather that says “Hold on tight to God”  He made this for me because he knew, from the beginning that I would need something tangible to touch to remind me of Christ (and his) love for me. ^^^^^^

My Sisters

The Story of Our Rescue


^^^^^That girl in the blue offered me food, a hotel, a friend’s house, whatever I needed to get through…and she lives 8 hrs away from where I was.  She and her family prayed fervently for me and she spoke wisdom into me while I was having my moment driving on the ice.  Even though she was tired…she stayed on the phone with me until I had calmed down. ^^^^^

^^^^^^^This other girl in green, with the necklace….well, I can handle just about anything until I call her and she says “hey” and then I cry.  Her voice soothes my soul and she calms me to my core.  She listens and gets mad at the appropriate parts of my stories.  She gets quiet in other parts of my countenance, she researches, and she prays.  God knew what He was doing when he created these people to be in my tribe.^^^^^^

My Oak


The Story of Our Rescue

^^^^^This mama of mine…………..this mama of mine…………….this mama of mine…………there are days when I think I cannot breathe without talking to her 500 times a day.  She is my rock.  I am so thankful she is a FAITHFUL and driven prayer warrior.  She listens, she worries, she has great ideas, she is encouraging, and she never makes me feel stupid.  Ever.  She always says I’m a good mama….well….I learned from the best.^^^^^^^^^^


The Story of Our Rescue

^^^^^This girl is a prayer warrior plain and simple.  She faithfully prayed for us as we traveled home.  Those prayers eased my heart and my mind.  When she is on the “prayer train” I know that Jesus is listening and will answer.  Those two are BFFs.^^^^^


The Story of Our Rescue


^^^^^^This pretty girl shoveled the sidewalk, did and put away ALL the laundry, had all my diffusers going, made supper, and just loved on me and Hunter when we got home.  She watched kids, she delegated, and she worked on her homework so she could be ahead.  She let me sleep in the next day, as well….and fixed dinner plates. ^^^^^^^^^^


The Story of Our Rescue


^^^^^This boy had the kitchen spick and span before I got home.  He also shoveled the snow/ice away from my garage door so we wouldn’t get stuck trying to get in our driveway.  Amazingly, he loved on me and Hunter like he had not seen us in years.  He makes my heart smile.^^^^^


The Story of Our Rescue


^^^^^This girl had her chores done, her exercises done, and her schoolwork done.  She also helped unload all the excessive crap we hauled home and she put it all away.  There was no drama, no nothing…..she played and calmed Hunter while some chaos was twirling around us getting things put up.^^^^^^^^^^


The Story of Our Rescue


^^^^^This boy took care of all his chores, without complaining, and he did his schoolwork.  That is quite a challenge some days, but today he did it.  He also goofed up and got caught in a sin act, but he was quick to admit what he had done was wrong and he apologized.  I’d say that is a win-win situation.^^^^^^

Bro Man

The Story of Our Rescue


^^^^^This Bro – man got all his chores done and all his homework done, as well with no complaints.  He is loved tremendously by Hunter.  He is his lego man person and their relationship is so precious.  I think I’ll keep him.^^^^^^


On this particular day, it took MY village to come and rescue this weary woman’s soul.  I’m so thankful that God perfectly ordained each of these people to be in my tribe and to love me and Hunter so well.  God is SO good….all the time.

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