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Allergy Alternative

Here is another all natural Allergy Alternative.  This is one that I use, daily, as well.  I use these oils (I will share the recipe further on down the post) in a roller bottle.  By doing that, I can carry it with me, at all times.

Allergy Alternative

Another Lineup in my Allergy Defense

The TriEase is a softgel that consists of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. I take this daily instead of an OTC allergy med that makes me tired.  Actually, OTC allergy meds do not make me tired (though they do for most people).  In all honesty, they make me meaner than a snake :/  Benadryl makes me downright hateful.  Sadly, that is hereditary. It does the same thing to my mom and most of my kids.

In my 10 ml roller bottle (not pictured), I add 3 drops of each of those oils.  Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Breathe, and Eucalyptus.  Now, none of these oils are hot, so they do not necessarily need to be diluted.  I use this roller to roll under my nose and on my wrists.  Also, I wear it on a diffusing necklace, as well, when I go out.

Another Secret

I take a tissue, I fold it in half (longwise) and then I fold it in half again.  I use this roller to rub on the tissue, on both sides.  By doing this, I can just hold up the tissue to my nose and it dries it up.  I keep a tissue by my bed and in my Bible for church.  So, if you see me out and about waving a tissue around my face, you know that it is allergy season.


I diffuse this blend, as well.  Now, if you buy a kit, a lot of time the kit comes with the kit you choose.  You get HUGE savings when you buy a kit  PLUS you get a lot of the basic, essential, if that’s all you ever buy oils that’s okay because these oils cover everything.  (Did you like my long run on sentence LOL?)

The Home Essentials Kit is the one that I have bought, twice LOL.  It has Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, Breathe, Digestzen (seriously awesome), OnGuard, and Deep Blue.  As well as, the petal diffuser and a booklet  This cost is $275.

Breakdown of Costs (Retail)..all are 15 ml bottles except Deep Blue

Frank:  90.67

Lemon: 14.67

Lavender: 30.67

Deep Blue (5 ml):  44

DigestZen:  44

Melaleuca:  28

Oregano:  29.33

Peppermint:  29.33

Breathe:  29.33

OnGuard:  45.33

Petal Diffuser:  62.66

That total is $447.99

So, you are saving $172.99!  Pretty cool.


DoTerra does have diffusers that you can buy and they are nice. *Cue I’m not a good person to sell things moment.* However, Amazon sells great HUGE diffusers at a fraction of the cost.  Unless you are buying a kit, head over there to buy a diffuser.

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