Medical Issues

The Chair

The Chair

The Chair

There was a lady at Horse Therapy who has “the chair.”  My friend, Dara, has wanted Hunter to experience “the chair” for a while but has never had the opportunity to do so.  Yesterday, she was there and so was this infamous chair.

I spoke with the lady about it and what it does.  Basically, it targets the bad or sick cells in your body and does little electrical pulses until it is resolved and then moves onto the next spot.  I’m all about holistic treatment.  Within 5 days of an “out of the box” treatment, my son was out of a wheelchair and walking.


She asked what was wrong with Hunter and I began describing his onset/symptoms/treatments, etc.  With wide eyes, she said, “you know entirely too much about this condition.”  Yes, I do.  I am a leading expert. When you are 1 in 5 million and he is “rarer than the rare 1 in that 5 million,” you tend to gather and retain all the things that are said to you.  I am an expert.

Bring on the Chair

Lori asked if I wanted to sit in the chair to experience the effects of it.  I agreed.  She turned it on and told me to tell her when I felt something.  Uhm, I felt nothing.  She kept turning it up, slowly, because that is protocol.  I asked what it was supposed to feel like because I felt nothing.

She explained that it is a pulsing sensation and that at some point it is going to get uncomfortable.  Okay, well, again, there was nothing.  Eventually, she got it turned all the way up and I could tell that it was pulsating because I could see it in my chest.  She laughed and said I must have a high pain tolerance because she does not even go that high with a horse.

Destination Relaxation

I enjoyed my time in the chair.  It almost felt like a baby kicking but in my back.  The pulses started in the exact places my massage therapist (and chiropractor) tackle. It is the worse part of my back.  I thought it was pretty cool that it attacked that first. It was incredibly relaxing.

Now it is Hunter’s Turn

Hunter hopped off Linda, the horse, and hopped into the chair.  I was shocked that he even sat in it.  She started off small and then kept turning it up. As I was rubbing his head, trying to get him to lean back, I asked if he felt anything.  He has a resounding NO.

She kept clicking and clicking.  Her eyes kept getting bigger and bigger.  Before long, she had reached my level.  She said that his pain tolerance must be very high and that she does not even go that high on a full-grown horse.

Apparently Though

Hunter LOVED the chair.  He sat in it for about 40 minutes.  When I said he needed to get up so we could go and cook supper, he said he wanted to stay there forever.  He was so relaxed when he got up.

The strangest thing happened on the way home, he SLEPT.  He *never* sleeps in the car. He slept the whole way home.  Mindboggling.  Today, he has been hyper and busy and feeling good…then, he took another nap.

I don’t know if this thing is for real or not.  It works on horses and it has worked on other people.  I will, when Lori is at the barn, have Hunter sit in it to get a weekly/biweekly pulsing session done.  Things work overtime and consistently.

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