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OMS Warrior Playing Baseball

OMS Warrior Playing Baseball

OMS Warrior Playing Baseball

OMS Warrior Playing Baseball.  Who would have EVER thought that this boy would be able to play t-ball?  Not me!  Well, I take that back, we were going to have him play BUT he was going to use his wheelchair or gait walker.

Wheelchair vs Gait Walker

This time, last year, he was in a wheelchair FULL TIME.  I can’t even get that thought out of my mind.  There I was, watching him stand in his little circle…with this big ole helmet…and “Kid” written on his back.


Another parent asked me if that was our last name.  As I choked back tears, I said that he has been sick.  While we were in the hospital, he refused to answer his name.  Every time I doctor would walk in and say “are you, Hunter?”  He was pipe up and say “NO, I’m a Kid!”

Now, at least 3 of the 5 hospitals he has been in calls him Kid.  That is written in his chart that that is his preferred name.  Then, he steps up to bat…kicks the dirt back…swings.  So many emotions.  I just sit, in awe, of watching him.  He still is a bit shaky and his OCD amps up due to anxiety.  Yet, he powers on and he trudges forward.

God is good!

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