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To My Fella

An Ode To My Fella…My Big Daddy…

To My Fella

I love you endlessly and completely.

You sit with me when I poop and discreetly hold your nose when it smells.

At any point I need to, you let me sit on your leg and you hug me.

When I am anxious, you let me bite your shoulder.

Indulged me in waxing/braiding your goatee and mustache.

You only screamed a little bit when I accidentally shaved off a skin tag while I was shaving your back hair.

In all honesty, you tell me when my pants are too tight or my shirt is too small.

You let me sleep sideways and snuggled in your armpit at night.

When I am down, you make me cookies.

Even if I don’t ask and I already have a case, you buy me a 20 oz.

More times than not, you keep gas in my van.

You are a master vomit cleaner-upper and you never laugh when I cower in a corner.

Baby whisperer…people need not ask why we have 5000 kids.  Seeing you hold and love a baby makes me want 5000 more kids with you.

Your eyes melt me.

Then there is that butt…*swoon*…

I love the fact you let me mask your face.

That you will go out of your way until we find FoamHenge or some other oddity I want to see.

I love that you love maps and hats.  They are your jam.

How you hate tattoos but have never fussed at me for getting them.

I love your giant hands and the fact I can stand behind you and no one sees me.

You make me feel safe.

Thankfully, you have indulged in my purse habit.

Your giggle.

The fierce love you have for me and our children.

A lifetime is too short for our love.

Our love is one for the books.

You are my favorite person…ever.

Happy birthday, Big Daddy.  You own me and my heart, completely.  Forever and always.

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