4 Things You Need Before Freezer Cooking

4 Things You Need Before Freezer Cooking

4 Things You Need Before Freezer Cooking

Here are 4 Things You Need Before Freezer Cooking.  These are just some monthly cooking odds and ends for your viewing pleasure.  For my monthly cooking schedule, I do have some regular things that are made weekly.  When I pulled up my June and July schedule, the first thing I do is see what all is going on.  By doing this, I can see what nights I can cook and what nights need to be quick and easy.

Check the Schedule

The month of June is filled with horse therapy on Wednesdays and T-ball on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  That is my start.  I also add in times when we eat at a parents house.  This month, we have 2 days that we will eat at my mom’s and my mother-in-law’s house.  The next thing I do is check to see what I have on hand.  That helps in not overbuying, which I tend to do.

Meat Situation

We buy a cow every year.  The time is coming up that we are to pick our meat up, so I need to clean out my freezer.  I had already used up all my ground beef, round steaks, and regular steaks.  All the beef liver insert gagging sounds I gave to my dad.  This left us with hamburger patties and roasts.  The patties we moved to our old refrigerator-freezer.  This way, when we have hamburgers, we can use the older meat first.

The kicker was the roasts.  I will post further recipes on that and how I used them up.  In my inventory, I had some sausage (enough for 2 meals), a huge thing of boneless skinless chicken breasts, a 1/2 bag of grilled Tyson strips, and 2 cans of chicken.  All of this was used up because I’m awesome like that.

Pre-Planned Meals

Big Daddy and my son in law declared Wednesdays as “Weiner Wednesday.”  Yes, I chuckle.  For that day, we grill hotdogs and Brats.  There are some days we will add hamburgers to the grill.  Also, we will do fries or chips.  That is a simple way to keep me from cooking more dinners because the fellas like to take over.

Thursdays are pizza night.  It has been that for as long as I’ve been married.  Big Daddy makes our homemade pizza and we love it.  I just have to make sure that we have the crust, sauce, mushrooms, pepperoni, parmesan, and mozzarella on hand.  The kids have Totino’s.  No.  We do not share our homemade pizza.  It is our thing.  🙂

Tools Needed

Once I write in all that needs to be written in, I start planning around what I have.  I plan for suppers, side dishes, bread, some breakfast things, and some lunch things.  When I freeze things, I freeze them in gallon-sized baggies (they freeze flat beautifully).  Also, gallon freezer baggies, aluminum pans, and some glass pans.  Make sure you have a sharpie on hand to write on each thing.  How to thaw, cook, what to add, and the side dishes that go with each supper.

Sundays, I do not cook.  Simple as that.  If there are more than 4 Things You Need Before Freezer Cooking, please comment below and leave me your wisdom!  I simply love getting more monthly cooking odds and ends information.

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