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Taking the Smell out of Big Daddy’s Nose

Taking the Smell out of Big Daddy's Nose

I am trying to make a feeble attempt at Taking the Smell out of Big Daddy’s Nose. I have like five thousand kids and twenty-five hundred animals that live in my house. Did I exaggerate? Uhm, have you ever lived with a bunch of teenage boys? Emotional girls? Choose to take in every broken animal that is a stray? That is my life.

It is Mine by Choosing

We live in a moderate four-bedroom home with carpet.  That is not necessarily how I want it. Sadly, it is expensive to rip up and replace the flooring. I mean, I have mouths to feed and debt to pay off!

Memory Issues

One of my children struggles with memory. I don’t mean like puberty, just a kid, type of struggle. He has a brain anomaly caused by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD). This child’s sole job is to take out the animals, bathe them, feed/water them, etc.  Sadly, this child “forgets” to walk the dogs. So, they do what all animals do. Use the bathroom on the floor. Thankfully, in my place, we have laminate flooring. 

However, There are Still the Bedrooms

Instead of the inability to remember to take the dogs out, I bought a carpet cleaner. I use it and abuse it. I have burned up several of these gems because I am hard on vacuums, mops, spray mops, and carpet cleaners.

My Lady made me a concoction that I use to scrub the carpets. They may be stain-free but the odor (think litter box) can be unbearable.

Taking the Smell out of Big Daddy’s Nose

As added luck, I have a spouse who is UBER sensitive to all smells. He reminds me of when I was pregnant.  I had sonic smelling for nine months. I mean, I could smell an armpit, a piece of rotten fish, dirty socks, from ten miles away. That is Big Daddy’s sniffer. Super-sensitive and annoying.

He can come home to a clean house, quiet kids, quiet animals, and supper cooking. The first thing he does is ask what that smell is. Seriously. I want to punch him in the nose when he says that. Just eliminate his sense of smell.


I have come up with some cleaner options and diffuser blends to help with that smell. Lots of little tricks that help save my husband’s nose (and my feelings).  Cats do not need to come in close contact with essential oils. Dogs are okay, but not cats.

Litter box:

We spread baking soda, litter, baking soda into the box. We have set the timer for every two hours for it to be changed. Also, our litter box has a hood with cat filters. We change the filters every two weeks.  The box and mat are sprayed down with one part vinegar to three parts water.  Also, I add a splash of Dawn dishwashing liquid. I do add a couple of drops of Purify essential oil. We use this to clean the mat and the wall around the box.


I vacuum first. Then, I use an old parmesan container 1/2 full of baking soda. I add about ten drops of Purify oil.  Next, top the container off with more baking soda.  Then, add another 10 drops of Purify oil.  Shake that well.  Sprinkle it on carpets. Let it sit for ten minutes and then vacuum again.

Carpet Cleaner:

In the carpet cleaner, I fill up the base with water, vinegar, and Dawn dishwashing liquid. I also add Melaleuca, OnGuard, and Purify oils. Usually, about twenty drops.  Spot clean the stain.  Do this using water and dawn.  Then,  scrub the crap out of it.


I have a spray mop. In it, I put hot water, a splash of vinegar, a splash of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Also, I add about ten drops of one of the following oils:  Melaleuca, OnGuard, or Purify. Doing this helps disinfect, deodorize, and clean the area.

Diffuser Recipes:

Five drops Lavender, five drops Melaleuca, two drops Lemon

Three drops of tangerine (or wild orange), three drops of lime, two drops of lemongrass, two drops of peppermint

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