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Addictive Personality, OCD, or Both

Addictive Personality? OCD? Both?

Addictive Personality, OCD, or Both

Honestly, most people who know me well would say that I do have an addictive personality and OCD.  I’m not super bad with either but it could easily get out of control in a heartbeat.

Sadly, addiction runs in my family.  I am totally aware so I am super mindful to stay far far away from drugs, smoking, and alcohol.  There are other types of addiction that can be just as bad.  Sex, porn, overeating, etc.  Addictions can come in all shapes and sizes.  It does not discriminate in regards to your biological identity, your color, social status, ethnicity…it just comes up and bites you in the butt.


It is good to have people in your life that can hold you accountable.  Jerk a knot in your tail, as my mama says.  My sisters, my mom, dad, and especially Big Daddy can help keep me in check.

Today, however, I went unchecked.  My Gmail account has stated, for a while, that I have exceeded my limit.  I went to send an email and it would not send.  So, in true fashion, I started off simple.  I got rid of the spam emails and I emptied the trash.  That didn’t work.

I Saw the Beast Determined to Win

Next, I went through my email folders and got rid of things that were not pertinent.  That didn’t help either.  I hit the “manage” google drive and there it all was.  In all of its glory and magnitude.  So.  Many.  Pictures.

Not just pictures but videos, kindle books, documents, and more.  It has taken me a month of Sundays to try and figure out how to get my stuff from my google drive to my computer.  Then, from my computer to my external hard drive.

Public Service Announcement

PSA:  If you do not have an external hard drive, get one!  I save NOTHING on my computer anymore.  This is a simple solution to what can be really scary if your computer crashes.  It is small, portable, and easily fits into a fire safe box, safety deposit box, or safe.

Anyway, I have been OBSESSED about lowering the amount I had and not buying more storage.  Literally, I have worked on this for weeks, as I have had pockets of time.  Today, I tackled it all.  Bit by bit.  I chipped away.

Too Much

There was so much stuff from 2015…I can’t even.  By the end of the night (almost 10 pm), I have it all transferred over to my computer.  I even have extracted them all, deleted the stuff that I didn’t need, and organized what I do want.

The Transfer to Completion

Now, to transfer it to my external hard drive.  My obsession (addiction to completing things) is finished, for now.  I did cook supper.  Thankfully, it did not burn.  I ignored my kids, but they played games on the same table.  My mom, I spoke to her twice and told her that I was eating a 1/2 block of smoked gouda, wearing my hussy shorts, drinking a coke, taking a Tylenol, and finishing this task.

She wished me Godspeed.

It.  Is.  Finished.

Hallelujah, the color has come back to the world.  I no longer see all things in gray.  It.  Is.  Good.

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