Mom Can I have a Moothie

Mom Can I have a MoothieMom Can I have a Moothie

I hear “Mom Can I have a Moothie” daily.  As I am not a “crunchie” human, this has taken more effort to get right than I would have thought.

Yet, I persisted.

After much trial and error, I have finally come up with a concoction that he loves.  Yay me!  Hunter has struggled with no weight gain in almost 3 years.  At 5 yrs old, in February, he weighed 33 lbs.  This is the same weight he was at when he got sick.

I mean, I get it.  His body is burning calories like no one’s business because he shakes (or shook) all the time.  I’m not just talking about a minor tremor.  We are talking full-blown, from head to toe, shake.  So bad that I would have to wrap my legs around his waist and one arm around his neck/head.  The other arm was used to just give him a drink of water.

The Kid Shook

Now, we are down to a tremor.  His arms/hands tremor the most.  When he stands still, he still sways and moves.  If he stops, he sleeps.  My goal was to get as much full fat in him to get some weight on his little body.

Since February

He has gained 4 lbs!  I cannot believe it.  I’m not saying that his “moothie” is what caused him to gain weight, but it hasn’t hurt!  There are some things I left out of the picture, above, but I will write it all down as I make it.

Again, Trial and Error

In my smoothie maker thing, I put in a 1/2 a frozen banana and a handful of other frozen fruits. This time, I had a mixture of strawberries, mandarins, and pineapple.  Next, I add a small bottle of Ensure (I either use the vanilla or plain flavored one).  Once that is in there, I add a scoopful of the chocolate flavored organic greens (I also have berry flavored).

Next, I add a scoopful of PB Powder, a sprinkle of ground flax, and a tablespoon of ground chia seeds.  I blend the Sam Hill out of it.  There are times that I have to take it off and shake it up to get all the powder mixed back in.

Other Things

There are times when I use Almond milk or whole milk to substitute the Ensure. Also, more times than not, I had a handful of spinach.  When I do that, I will sprinkle in a bit of cane sugar to offset the excess of greens.


He loves it.  My smoothie maker came with 2 regular sized cups and 2 smaller ones.  I blend it in the regular cup.  Then, I split that cup amongst the 2 smaller cups.  They come with lids, so I snap them on.

These are thick enough to where I do not need to add ice.  When my fruit is fresh, I do add some ice to make it thicker and not as runny.  He likes it both ways.  I may play around with it more, but for now, this works.

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