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New Diffusing Recipe DoTerra Essential Oils

New Diffusing Recipe DoTerra Essential Oils

New Diffusing Recipe DoTerra Essential Oils


This morning, when I got up, I went to start my diffusers.  I have the go-to blends that I like to smell throughout the day.  Today, however, I wanted something different.  Something that I hadn’t used or diffused before.  So, here is my New Diffusing Recipe DoTerra Essential Oils.

Citrus Oils

My eye went to Green Mandarin.  I *love* the citrus smell.  Oh, FYI, if you sign up today and put in a 125 PV order, your FREE oil for the month is Lime!  Maybe my eyeball should have gone to Lime LOL.  Oh well.

What Green Mandarin is Associated With Emotionally

In each 15 ml bottle, there are 250 drops per bottle.  In a 5 ml bottle (the Juniper Berry) is 85 drops.  As I read in my Emotions and Essentials Oils book, Green Mandarin helps when an individual is weighed down by emotional scars, self-doubt, fear, or failure.

Spot On

That is spot on for what I am feeling right now.  Well, more of the self-doubt and fear aspects.  See, I’m traveling next week…alone…with Hunter…farther than I have ever traveled.  My anxiety is through the roof.

Luckily, one of my older children is able to go with me, so that relieves some stress.  I just don’t travel without Big Daddy.  He is the navigator, driver, indulger in my oddity fascination, and sound mind person.

Well, I’ll Be Dipped

I just looked up Juniper Berry and wouldn’t you know that it is associated with irrational fears and avoidance.  Hahaha, that plays right into my fears, now doesn’t it.  Realistically, I know that I am fine and this will all be good. I just *strongly* prefer my husband to go with me.

Lavender is similar in Juniper Berry and Green Mandarin.  Hiding, fear, insecure, racing thoughts, tense.  Maybe I should be this recipe in the bathtub and soak LOL.  Or maybe a roller bottle and just slather it all over myself as I am driving.


Today, in my 2 smaller diffusers, I used 2 drops of Green Mandarin, 2 drops of Juniper Berry, and 1 drop of Lavender.  It smells divine in this house.

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