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Bathroom Purge and Organization

Bathroom Purge and Organization


I cannot even believe I’m going to show this Bathroom Purge and Organization.  Who knew you could have so much stuff in a tiny little area.

First Things First

When you are getting ready to clean a space, first clear out all cabinets and drawers.  Then, you can throw away what is expired or empty.

Be Prepared

To be grossed out, embarrassed, shocked, and a slew of other emotions.  I mean, how many feminine hygiene products does one girl need when she doesn’t even have a uterus?  For me, they were on sale.  Also, I had a coupon.  Maybe in my mind, I thought I was spontaneously going to regrow my uterus.  You know, like a starfish regrows a leg.


If you can, consolidate things.  I had about five bottles that were 1/2 full of lotions.  Once combined, I now have three full bottles.  I had about four bottles that were 1/2 full and twelve little travel-sized things of baby shampoo.  Once done, I ended up with two bottles.  If you can consolidate to use it up, do it.


If it is unused, donate it to a women’s shelter or a food pantry (they take things other than food).  I had twelve bottles of Neutrogena face wash because I had coupons.  Sadly, it breaks my face out.  I tried to let my girls use it.  It breaks their faces out.  So, why keep it?

Am I a hoarder?  Maybe.  Donate if you can.


When medication is outdated throw it away.  I mean gathering it all up (if it is prescription) and taking it to your local law enforcement officials.  They have proper ways of disposing of, safely, of prescription medication.  Be wise.  I would, often, flush it.  Then I read that that was not safe.  Now, I take it to the people who can handle it effectively.

Never Ever

Use your husband’s beard/mustache trimmer on your dog’s butt.  Or, if you do, take it OUT of your bathroom.  There is a 100% chance you will forget you shaved your dog’s butt.  Then there is the possibility that he will reuse it on his face.

He will not be happy.  Not.  At.  All.


In the End

Once everything is empty, purged, or donated, you have the perfect opportunity.  Use up your leftover cleaner and clean the crap out of everything.  I still need to take a straight edge to the soap scum in the shower, but all in all, it is a thousand percent cleaner than before.  It is a nice feeling to organize, throw away, donate, clean, and traumatize your spouse.  Here are the results of a 2-day process.  Oh, I found a charcoal face mask, so ignore what you see in the mirror.

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