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Happy 85th Birthday to my Lady

Happy 85th Birthday to my LadyHappy 85th Birthday to my Lady

Well, it is a rejoiceful Happy 85th Birthday to my Lady.  My goodness.  I can’t believe that it has almost been 2 years since I have seen your face or heard your voice.

I miss your face, your voice, and your presence.

This picture was taken on her 81st birthday.  She decided that she wanted to go and eat fish with me and her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend was Big Daddy.  Their relationship cracked me up.

Oh, how she loved him and he loved her.  She may be the reason we are still married.  I firmly believe that Big Daddy would have gained “custody” of her in a divorce settlement LOL.

Ramona & Stacey

In the end days, I became Ramona.  Still not sure who Ramona was in her life, but I took on that name.  She, more often than not, referred to herself as Stacey Cox.  Also, she spoke fluent and correct German.


She was my person.  My mentor and best friend in the whole wide world.  What started out as a Titus mentorship twirled into the best friendship and then settled firmly into me being her caretaker.

Life Lessons

I would not trade my time with her for anything.  She loved me even when I was unlovable.  The wisdom, tears, joy, prayers, lessons she taught me was invaluable.  I am truly a better human for having her in my life.

Still Blessed

The fact that I can still see your Doug, Chelsea, and the rest of that crew.  Also, the friendship with Joe, Esther, and Devon.  I love how you loved them.  Such a devoted wife, mom, and granny Jo to your HUGE crew.

Getting All Up in my Feels

Gonna stop because I’m going to start feeling my feels.  I know you say that crying is healthy and I need to do it more often.  Today, I may not stop crying.  So why even start that mess.  You know I hate to show emotion.

I think I’m going to go and eat fish with your boyfriend.

I love you, Lady.  You are one of my favorites.

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