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I get a lot of hits (searches) for Amish Iridology and Reuben Schwartz.  With the amount that I get, I thought I would do a follow up on him.  I will also link below, in Related Posts, the past things I have written.

As always, you are more than welcome to send me specific questions to  I try to answer all emails as they come in unless they go to spam.  If you do not hear back from me in a few days, please resend the email.  Life happens, ya know!

Introduction to Mr. Schwartz

I had heard of an Amish Doctor many many years ago from a friend.  Her husband had gone and they were planning a follow-up trip.  She knew that my husband suffered from knee pain (bone on bone).  She offered to get the cream that he has, at his office, and bring it to me to see if it would help.  My husband thought it was crazy, tried it for a few days but he was not consistent with using it.

That being said, I let the knowledge of Reuben Schwartz flee my mind.  However, the Lord had already planted that seed.  Clearly, I had no plans to have a medically fragile kid.  To have a kid with Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome, ya know.  I mean, that was not my #1 goal in life.

Then Came my Brother

One day, as I was driving home from who knows where I got a call from my brother.  I won’t give much (any) backstory regarding my brother.  Just know, that he doesn’t usually call me.

My first thought was that someone had died or something was wrong.  Sad, I know.  Luckily, the Lord has done a mighty work in this relationship, now.  Anyway, he LOVES Hunter.  I mean…loves loves LOVES him.  Due to that intense love, he is always listening/reading/wondering how he can help him.

The Phone Call

He was recanting some information that he read and things he thought might help.  I told him that we had tried some of the things he suggested but some we had not.  Then he said that he heard of this Amish guy that has helped people.

That sparked my seed!  I asked him if he was referring to an Iridologist and he said yes.  After many years, my spark of knowledge was getting brighter.  I told him I would call my friend and see what she could tell me.

Calls and Research

So, I called my friend and we talked a bit.  It had been so long, she had forgotten but shared what she was remembering.  Then, I hit the internet.  There are a lot of blogs out there with people with experience with him.  Some are good, some are not good.  That is typical.

At this point, my son was barely walking.  We were doing IVIG, Rituximab, ACTH shots, and all the things.  We had also been to St. Augustine to SonRidge Health and Healing Center.  I mean, I have already stepped out of the box with Dr. Monahan.  In my head, why not do it again.


When we pulled up to the building, my GPS ended up taking me ALL the way down the driveway.  If you do that, you will meet Abraham.  He is one of Reuben’s 12 children.  He lives in that big ole house with his wife and children.

So, as soon as you turn in, the building will be on your left.  It is a newer house.  I enjoyed talking with Abraham 🙂  Once I got there, I had a bit of paperwork to fill out.  Clearly, he knew nothing of my son’s condition.  He doesn’t diagnose things like that.  Since they have no contact with the outside world, then there was no researching.

Once There

You go in and fill out a small bit of paperwork.  They also sell loaves of bread, herbs, spices, and other things so it is fun to look around.  It isn’t a big place, but there is a beautiful full-length front porch you can sit on!

When we got back there, Mr. Reuben said he didn’t know about all the things that I had written about.  Duh.  I was stupid for even writing it all.  It just made me feel better.  He is about 6 ft with a white beard and he smells like melaleuca and love.  His eyes were so kind looking and so was his sweet smile.

Our Discussion

I asked how he got into Iridology and he was happy to explain it.  Iridology has been around for years.  He had seen his great grandfather and grandfather look into people’s eyes and help them.

He thought it was witchcraft but he started seeing people become well.  From that point on, he decided to learn from all he could about the practice.  He was seeing it all add up to a point that he could not deny.  It must be said, he LOVES Jesus, which warms my heart.  One of his sons is in the practice, now.

Something to Note

Reuben is NOT  a medical doctor.  He does NOT prescribe conventional medications.  Also, he does NOT tell you to stop the meds you are on!  He will listen, give advice, talk about diet, and prescribe herbal supplements in liquid and pill form.  Everything he has comes from the Earth.

What he does not have, in his place, you drive down the hill to Mountain Air Herbs on Radure Rd.  If you need herbs or such delivered, you can call 270-487-1334.  They are NOT Amish at Mountain Air Herbs but they do work with Reuben.

The Process

Once in the little office, he gets his crucible and his utility flashlight and gets all up in your personal space.  He looks into your eye and then marks things down on a sheet of paper.

Everything that he saw in Hunter was the exact same thing that we found in his bio-impedance scan.  I was dumbfounded.  Parasites were the main cause of the deterioration of his body.  The whole visit is probably 15 minutes unless you stay and chat as I did.

Our Conversation

For me, he looked at me (again he knew NOTHING about my history) and this is the conversation we had:

Reuben:  “You don’t have a uterus do you?”

Me:  “No sir, I don’t.”

Reuben:  “You still have your ovaries, don’t you.”

Me:  “Yes, sir, I do.”

He pushed back his chair and looked at me with this look of I don’t really want to tell her what I need to tell her.

As he sat there, he looked at me again and started making a motion around his stomach.

Reuben:  “Your ovaries are angry with you.”

**I burst out laughing.  He was so serious.**

He then went on to ask me how my moods were, depression, sleep habits and said that he would give me something to make my ovaries happy again.


The visit is free, but he does have a donation box on his desk.  The herbs/supplements/pills are not.  They can be quite expensive.  The containers they are in are reusable if you choose to make another trip to refill.  Some you do have to buy the whole thing, but others you can just take your empty bottle and you fill it back up.  Mountain Air Herbs is all at cost.  They are very kind and they have so much stuff.  I mean, so much stuff!

Just a quick FYI, the supplements are fine but the liquid is HORRIBLE tasting.  I put Hunter’s in applesauce to help him choke it down.  Now, Reuben can down it like a pro…much like how I eat cheese.  I’m not that big of a man.

Reuben’s Contact Information

Write a letter and just ask for an appointment.  Realize there is NO telephone, internet, computer, cell phones, nothing.  So, once you write the letter and ask for an appointment, they will send you a letter back with a date.

Funny enough, I wrote out this LONG letter detailing everything for him.  I wanted him to know all the things.  In return, I got a one-line letter giving me a time and date.  I thought that was pretty funny.

As of March 2018, his hours of operation are as follows:  Mon, Tues & Fri 7:30-3:00, Sat 7:30-11:00am

Reuben Schwartz

1201 Radure Rd.

Hestand, KY  42151

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