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We Finally Did It

We Finally Did It

We Finally Did It

What started out as a “one day we will get together,” ended up in reality.  We Finally Did It!  My sisters, mom, and I met sort of halfway and we had a day trip!  This is something was have talked about for a long time!

In the beginning, it started out as a weekend trip.  Again, the reality is that I have several kids.  My sister is raising 2 kids.  The other sister has several kids.  My mama works quite a bit.

The Stars Aligned

I met my mom and older sister this morning at 7:45.  We piled in and my sister drove us all the way there.  Thankfully, we hit little traffic (meaning we missed rush hour).  We plowed on through and made good time.

Meeting Place

Our goal was to meet in Murfreesboro, TN at about 10:30 this morning.  Eating was on our agenda and we decided we could stay longer at Cracker Barrel.  Sadly, my sister got caught in traffic, so she was a bit delayed.  In that delay, my mom, my other sister, and I went to a couple of junk stores to walk around.


Tera finally called and she was there and had gotten us a table.  Oh, my goodness! It was great to see her face.  I so wish the Lord would put us back in the same area, but He has other plans.  To have us all together, eating, and laughing.  What joy!

Heading Back to the Junk Stores

Mario Andretti drove and during that time made some SWIFT decisions that made all our butts pucker.  Mother slung her leg up the back door to help with “braking” and “turning” properly.  Who knew she could get her leg up that high LOL.  Tera was the navigator.  I was there for looks 🙂

Antiques and Hats

Mom was on a mission to find some treasures.  She buys, creates, and resells.  This woman is completely talented.  I have none of that talent.  As we were looking for things, we came upon these hats.

We laughed SO hard and SO loudly that the people who worked in the store came to see what we were doing.  They all wanted to just go with us wherever we were going.  I mean, Tera peed, Kim peed, mom peed.  However, my bladder is put back and I don’t urinate when I laugh.

So Blessed

I am so blessed that I could get a good friend to watch my kids this morning.  Then, my oldest daughter and son-in-law watched them this afternoon.  My brother-in-law was off today to watch Kim’s kids.  Daddy is well enough to be home without mom.  My sister could get someone to watch her kids.  We made this happen!


We laughed and laughed all day.  Old memories were shared, plans were made, food was eaten, new memories were being made.  I hope and pray we are able to do this more often.  Love your family well.  Forgive, show grace, laugh, love…it really does do a body good.

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