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Happy Birthday Daniel

Happy Birthday Daniel

Happy Birthday Daniel

Happy Birthday Daniel.  Today is his 15th birthday.  I do not know what time he was born.  That hurts my heart.  I wasn’t there to hold him or snuggle with him.  For the first part of his life, I couldn’t keep him safe.  That truly hurts my heart.

His Entrance into Our Family

He came into our lives at 2 1/2 years old.  His eyes were lifeless.  There was no expressive and little receptive speech.  He was quiet.  Withdrawn.  Sad.  Soon, though, life breathed into him.

Safety.  Contentment.  Snuggles.  Hugs.  Love.  Protection.

Where We Have Been

It has been a hard ride with him.  I thought he came unscathed into our lives.  What I didn’t know was the deep loss, grief, pain, and hurt he was struggling with.  I didn’t know that he was Dyslexic until he was 8.

This quiet boy was filling with rage and at certain moments, he would release that rage.  It would take over his body.  He began acting out, hurting himself, lying, manipulating, gorging…self-preservation.

Where We Are Now

Not gonna lie…the last year has been a struggle.  We make 3 steps forward and 12 steps back.  He is beginning to understand his state of mind.  The realization that he is not quite like his peers is becoming evident.


He loves Jesus.  His heart is kind.  He loves old people and can listen to them for hours with great interest.  History and wars…he is brilliant.  He tries so hard and sees a goal and masters it.  His cursive is impeccable.  Honestly, for a Dyslexic person that is a feat!  He has an infectious smile when he smiles.  His laugh is loud when he laughs.

Happy Birthday Daniel

15 is gonna be a great year!  I am choosing to believe because I choose to believe in you!

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