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This Child is 13

This Child is 13This Child is 13

I simply cannot believe This Child is 13.  He is 13.  As in he is 13 yrs old.  I met this precious soul 9 years ago.  His sweet picture.  The video with his sweet face and voice.  My heart could almost explode at the thought of it.

I Dreamed a Dream

For those that do not know, Jude was a child I had dreamed of since I was 10 yrs old.  I distinctly remember thinking that someday, I would adopt a child from Ethiopia.  The child I had pictured was a boy that was a bit older.  I did not want a baby.  For me, I wanted the child that no one wanted.  In my mind, and sadly it is true today, older black boys are just harder to adopt.  Sad.  I know.


To this day, I have not looked at one video or one picture from our time in the country.  As much as my heart explodes with love and joy…this was a time of great trial for our family.  Our story is one that can be read throughout this blog if you search “Ethiopian Adoption.”


It is bits and pieces of snippets of joy and great sadness, uncertainty, pain, and trials.  There are about 15 mths that I simply have blocked out.  I cannot remember many things that happened during those months.  The depression was palpable with everyone that I came across.

I shut my whole world down and just cocooned in darkness.  As Anne Shirley says I was in the “depths of despair.”  As I type this, my body is literally shivering.  One day, I will write fully my heart…today is not the day.

Humbling Myself in Thanksgiving

Today I humble myself in thanksgiving to the Lord for allowing my dreams to come true. For bringing us through what he called us too.  I give thanks for his sweet mom, brothers, sisters, and family that he left behind.  Our greatest joy is Tadelech’s greatest sorrow.  My heart aches for her on this day.

Happy Birthday, My Son

~He can sleep anywhere.

~His smile lights up a room.

~Loud.  The child is loud.

~My only single-sided deaf child.

~Says he looks like me.

~Sports Fanatic.

~Meticulous Cursive.

~Flat feet.

~First name is Israel.

~Loves to eat.

~VERY competitive.

~Loves to fix my hair.

~His laugh…the best thing ever.

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