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Mini Goal for my Sanity

Mini Goal for my SanityMini Goal for my Sanity

In an effort to feel like an adult, I have made a Mini Goal for my Sanity.  Since the kids started school, I have not done much.  I mean, I have but then again, I haven’t.  Does that even make sense?

Day to Day

Normally, once my feet hit the floor it is, quite literally, balls to the walls all day long.  I am a pirate when I cook supper fighting off a foe.  Then, I become a racecar driving like in Nascar.  Somedays, I’m a physician while grading papers.  I’m a teacher while I play with play-doh and field the 4562 questions that come every moment from other kids.

I dole out medications.  Then, I fill diffusers.  I haul kids from here to there to yonder.  My head is subject to many braids and ponytails.  We play cards, I go to the grocery, running errands is commonplace.

New Normal

Now, I wake up to the dogs barking and wanting attention.  I have one child who is still here and she is quite demanding.  So, I still have the feeling of always being on my toes.  Lately, I have held her to a higher standard.  She knows what she needs to do/eat/etc and I’m no longer micromanaging her.

She is over 18 and there are many things she needs to figure out on her own.  That may sound harsh, but unless you have raised a child from trauma, keep your opinions to yourself.  I simply do not want to hear your crap.

Oh, that was harsh.

Sadly, judgy people are commonplace in my life.  I have a lot of well-meaning people saying a lot of well-meaning things.  Yes, I know my child is overweight.  I realize that, thank you.  How is your weight?  Why yes, we exercise and eat good food.  Thank you for asking.  Oh, you are diabetic?  I’m so sorry…why are there donuts, bread, pasta, and such in your buggy?  Oh, that is none of my business, right?  Right, of course, that is NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

I Have Gone off on a Tangent

So, in my “down” time, I’m going to start reading books again!  Like big girl books.  Books with no pictures!  I’m sort of excited.  I tend to read fast so I hope I can meet my goal.  We shall see.  My goal is to read 30 books before the end of the year.

Book #1

“My Name is Mahtob” is by Mahtob Mahmoody.  That is the first book I chose and finished in a day.  This book is close to my heart for many personal reasons.  There is a movie based on her story called “Not Without My Daughter.”  This movie came out during a very pivotal time in our family’s lives.  I choose not to delve into that to protect my family.

About the Book

I highly encourage this book.  It is an autobiography from a little girl’s perspective.  She was 4 when she and her mom were taken to Iran by her father.  He was of Iranian descent and they were going on “vacation.”  That vacation turned into 18-month captivity for this mom and Mahtob.  It is the story of their escape.

When interviewed and asked how they got out of Iran, Mahtob states “simply by God’s grace.”  She gives God all the glory, as does her mom, Betty Mahmoody.  I will begin “Not Without My Daughter” (the book) which is by her mom Betty Mahmoody tomorrow.

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