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My Thoughts – Overcomer Movie

My Thoughts - Overcomer Movie

My Thoughts – Overcomer Movie

Tonight was a blessed event!  Date night!  I will pause for a round of applause.  *Pause.*  We saw the movie Overcomer.  So, though I’m not reviewing this movie,  here are My Thoughts – Overcomer Movie.

Going into this Movie

I was already swirling and twirling.  In my mind, this was a movie that was centered around a young girl with a medical issue who “overcame” her obstacle.  I knew there was a girl in the movie and she had asthma.  She was a runner.

Bear in mind, I had read NOTHING on this movie or seen any reviews.  Yet, I anxiously awaited it.  Our goal was to take all of our children because there just aren’t many films that are completely clean.  I’m glad it was just Bart and me.

Without Divulging Much

I don’t want to give this movie away for those that want to see it BUT I will caution you on some parts of it.  Well, not the actual parts, but the movie in general.  This was a great movie.  I loved it.  Big Daddy loved it.  It was well made and I enjoyed it.

Tugs at your heart on so many levels.  It speaks of sin, redemption, salvation, forgiveness, anger, and mercy.  Beautifully done and the young lady who played Hannah was a beautiful young girl who did a phenomenal job.


Those of us who are raising kids from hard places…well, this movie can be a trigger for them.  I’m so thankful that I had a chance to watch it before I let a few of my kids watch it.  It gives me time to prepare them and have a good dialogue with them.  One of my kids may not watch it at all.

From a Counselors Perspective

Doing the job that I do, as a counselor, I see the same thread that is interwoven through these children I work with.  They are so “broken” from societies standpoint.  These kids do not know their worth because they have been through some extraordinary circumstances.

All kids, whether they can verbalize or not, want their “core” unit together as a family.  No kid wants to come from a “broken” family.  They may know, logically, that due to circumstances out of their control their parents are not married.  Parents can very well be better co-parents than married.  That is sad, but it is true.

I am not, in any way, shaming or judging these families.  Things happen sometimes in their control but sometimes out of their control.  These things can dictate the present or future of marriages.

Marriage is HARD

Oh, it is SO hard.  Just every day can be a challenge but when you add in addiction (of any sorts), jealousy, work, kids, special needs kids, etc it can make it even harder.  I say, often, that I get it because I do.

One day, with Big Daddy’s permission, I will share some of our story.  We were so close to ending our marriage and that was after having kids.  The first time, we had 3.  The second time we had 6…so I get it.


Addiction is a very real problem.  The system is FULL of kids of parents who made poor choices.  Yet, they sit and blame themselves.  They may have been adopted and are completely loved YET have a hard time accepting that love because they see themselves as “thrown away” by the people who gave them life.

As much as they know the reality, they still want that core family.  Mom, dad, house, dog, and a white picket fence.  Sometimes it is hard for their little brains to understand the dangerous places they were in because they idealize or fantasize about their beginning (or middle).  They make it seem softer than it was when in reality, it was anything but soft.

Be Mindful

Not all stories end with a pretty bow tied around it.  The troubled parent doesn’t always find Jesus.  These parents are not always nice and as much as we want that “core” family, sometimes it is not safe.

Again, I loved this movie.  Really, I did.  Knowing the background of some of my kids, the fact that they have “forgotten” the past does not mean they will not want this ending for their lives.

I know some people will get what I’m saying and some will not.  That is okay!  They will see a beautifully created film that points people to the cross.  I love that!  Yet, in order to protect the hearts and minds of some of my people, I’m glad we didn’t take them.  This may be too much for their hearts to take.


Triggers are a tricky thing.  They can be places, movies, foods, smells, certain touches.  Triggers encompass your senses.  In my opinion, this fantastic movie is one giant trigger.  I’m not saying they will not see it, eventually.  What I am saying is that we have to go far and beyond to do damage control before they see it.

It can absolutely yield amazing conversations.  Also, it can give us the opportunity to use our words and tag our emotions.  It can also, sadly, cause more trauma, hurt, pain, and confusion.  When my kids experience those things, it never turns out well.  Escalation happens and then intense, sometimes violent behaviors can emerge.

In the End

This was an amazing movie.  I had to bite my cheek to keep from ugly crying because the theatre had more people in it than I had anticipated.  It was wonderfully filmed.  This crew has come a long way from Flywheel (another great movie but you know that it was their first film…for everyone LOL).

I just wanted to express my thoughts and put a small warning label on this movie.  Whether you are a foster parent, adoptive parent, foster child, former foster child, orphan, adult adoptee…just be mindful!

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