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Enkutatash Celebration

Enkutatash Celebration

Enkutatash Celebration

It seems every year, New Year sneaks up on me!  I’m totally unprepared!  So, for this Enkutatash Celebration of 2012, I’m pretty stoked that I have popcorn.  Tomorrow, I have to go to Paducah to horse therapy.  I am hoping and praying that our local Starbucks has some Ethiopian coffee.


Though Jude does not remember his country, much to my sadness, we do!  Granted, we only spent a little less than 2 weeks there, but the stamp is on our hearts.  I can close my eyes and smell the popcorn cooking at the ceremony!  The smell of the coffee beans roasting!  The coffee…the cane sugar…the sights, and rituals.  I love it!

Our Hopes

We hope and pray for this coming up year to be amazing for these beautiful people.  His mom, brothers, and sisters…still in the country.  You are never far from our hearts and our prayers.  We are doing our best to make sure our boy has a deep love and respect for the traditions of this place.

One Day

We will go back.  I will see my son reunited with his birth family.  The opportunity to hug her neck is something that I desire so deeply.  I can put on my little dress I bought there, wear the scarves my sweet friend Betty gave me before we pulled away.  Maybe, just maybe…a bird will poop on us!  That’s good luck, ya know!

Melkam Addis Amet

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