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To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird

I just finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird.  This book has been a book that I have read many times.  Now, in saying that, it has been many years since I have read it.  I figured now is a good time.  In my collection of books, I found this one.  So, I just carted it around with me throughout my daily stuff.  When I had a small lull in my day, I would read.

Then I Made a Discovery

I found Audible Books online.  Sadly, I am not doing the monthly service.  The only reason why I am not is that we are not adding “extras” in on our budgets.  Trying to get out of debt ya know.  Yet, I was able to get 1 book for free, so this is the book I chose.

I didn’t think I would enjoy listening to someone read to me.  What I didn’t know was that it was Sissy Spacek who was doing the reading and she is one of my favorite actresses.  Her voice is so distinctive and she played the characters how I play them in my head when I read.

At Home Versus On the Road

Due to Hunter’s unexpected illness, we have traveled again this week.  I’ve had to sit in many doctor’s offices, so I have just been packing my book with me.  Now, on car rides, I can put a movie in for Hunter.  Then, I can pop in my earbuds and listen to my book on the way to the appointments.  I really like that.  Rarely do I listen to music.  Mainly just hearing his movie that he is watching.  I like to stay in my quiet thoughts.

Growing Up

Honestly, I have really enjoyed listening.  Not enough to join or anything, but I think they give a free book a month.  Maybe occasionally buy a good book from there.  You can also go to LibrioVox.  They have free books as well!  I believe you can also get them from your local library.  I’ll have to check into that.

This Book is a Classic

I have read the books multiple times (though I will not read the new Harper Lee sequel book).  Each and every time, I’m transported back to Maycomb and all the goings on there!  The segregation, racism, the white people trying to win and show all people, regardless of color, are all equal.

I was blessed to see the book come to life on the stage at the Carson Center in Paducah.  There is also a movie with Gregory Peck and Robert Duvall made in 1962.  Reading the book and then seeing it come to life was such an exciting thing for me.  I love it when art comes to life.

Not Sure What Book is Next

I am currently working through reading the Bible daily.  Also, I’m doing Experiencing God.  I will have to dig through my books and see which one I need to tackle.  I feel pretty good that I’ve gotten through 3 books. That is more than I have read in a year or more.

What are you reading?


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