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The Tattooist of Auschwitz

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

This book, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, is based on the love story of Lale Sokolov and Gita.  I was not sure I would like this book.  Honestly, I am not a fiction type of girl.  In saying that, I do have a deep desire to learn more about the Holocaust.  It is so heartbreaking.  Yet, there is so much determination in the stories of the people who lived through this tragic event in history.


The characters in this story are real.  Their story is real.  It quite literally tears at my heart.  I can close my eyes and remember visiting the Holocaust Museum in DC.  There were SO many people in that building…yet…you could hear a pin drop.  No one was making a sound.

The air is heavy in that museum and you just take it all in.  The “why, Lord?” question popped up in my head so many times.  Yet, I know He is sovereign.  The faith of these human beings who endured such devastation is astounding.

Could I be that strong?  I don’t know.  Seriously, I would like to think I would be.

Through the Chaos and Pain

Love persevered.  Two people found each other.  Lale was the protector and provider for many people.  He was gentle and kind.  Yet, Gita was always his main focus.  He could not and would not stop until they were reunited.

Such beauty from ashes.


There are parts where there is some language in it.  I mean, if I were in the shoes of the Jewish people, I would swear too.  Just a small warning if you want a younger child to read this.

Clearly, there is violence described.  Horrific violence.  It does touch on what the Jewish people had to do to survive.  That being said, there are some sexually explicit parts but it is more “understood” as to the events rather than actual descriptions of events.  I hope that makes sense.

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