The Client by John Grisham

The Client by John Grisham

The Client by John Grisham

For the love…I could not finish The Client by John Grisham.  I tried.  Seriously, I tried for most of the month of October.  Sadly, I am slow on posting.  So, maybe it is because I really liked the movie.  I have watched it several times and it continues to be a favorite.  The characters, in the movie, are so well written and crafted.  I assumed the book would even be better.  It wasn’t.


Reggie Love was tougher in the book.  She was passionate yet emotionally closed off due to things from her past.  Her children were grown, in the book, whereas not in the movie.  She was not as close with “Mama Love” as it is portrayed.  The book did her more justice than the movie did in her abilities.

Dianne Sway was strong in the book.  She wasn’t flighty, uneducated, unable, or less than as the movie portrayed.  In the book she stood up for her children and herself.  Her younger son, Ricky Sway, came out of the PTSD “coma” quite quickly.  What I didn’t realize is the book goes through all this stuff in a couple of days versus what the movie portrays it as.

Foltrigg was inept in the book and McThune had a backbone.  Mark was younger, only 11, and timid.  In the movie, he was a fighter and a “latch-key” kid that was pretty hard.  He was fearful in the book.

Not My Thing

I couldn’t finish it.  There are more character differences that I could address but I’m not.  One thing that has my appreciation is that the book did devote a chapter to each character and their development.  The reader was able to understand the character more.  It just wasn’t my thing.  I’m not a big fiction reader but I do like John Grisham movies.  Next, I’m picking up The Firm, so stay tuned!

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