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Scrambled and a Bit Confused Intentions

Scrambled and a Bit Confused Intentions

Bart and I went on a little weekend getaway, this past weekend.  I am refreshed and relaxed and I slept SO well last night.  Today, however, these were my Scrambled and a Bit Confused Intentions.

My original intention, today, was to finish work stuff. There was some paperwork that I had to get finished and emailed off.  Thankfully, I got it finished and emailed. Then I remembered 2 upcoming hospital trips I needed paperwork for. It took me a hot minute to find what I needed.  Thankfully, found it and got that ready to send.

Once I finished, I came downstairs and the dogs needed a snuggle or two. I did that while playing with Hunter and talking to Martha.  Serious multitasker. While I was sitting, my thoughts went to supper…at 9:30 in the morning.

Working on Supper

I had Jude get a frozen dinner out of the freezer for it to thaw out.  It was a turkey tetrazzini that I had made after Thanksgiving.  I used all my leftover turkey, dressing, and stuffing in it.  Then, I pulled out some bread.  As I was preheating the oven, I thought the stovetop needed to be cleaned.


I went to the junk drawer to pull out my blade I use and when I pulled out that drawer, I felt that it was a bit messy, so I straightened that up.  Walking back to the stove, I noticed the magnets on the fridge was in disarray, so I straightened that up.  As I was cleaning up the mess on the stove, I had to grab some paper towels. When I got to the pantry, I noticed it was a hot mess, so I cleaned and organized it, while the paper towels were under my arm.

I finally finished the stove and thought that I should just load the dishwasher with the few dishes in the sink.  Started that and then remembered the leak under the sink, so I quickly got that water cleaned up and I organized that.  For some reason, I walked away from those 2 jobs, neither quite down, and thought I needed to clean my diffusers and then get them started.

As I was getting one, I pulled out all my oils.

That spurred a moment of wanting to alphabetize them all and check to see if I needed to order anything.  I had oils from stem to sternum on my counter.  Seeing that, I thought I needed to go upstairs and get that diffuser going as well.  So I headed back up and cleaned it out in the sink and grabbed the oil to put in it.  I had it in the closet up here but noticed that I had not put anything from our weekend getaway, so I cleaned that up a bit.

Once I walked out of the bathroom, my desk had stuff on it, so I got it all put away.  Then, I remembered my cord bag.  I wanted to try and charge up a battery pack, but I quickly realized that my cord bag was a mess, so I took it downstairs and cleared away my oils to pull out all the cords and reorganize them.

I did finish that little task and I looked around and saw about 10 things I had started and had never finished.  In Brandi fashion, I stopped everything and ate my Lambert’s leftovers, and watched a video on Youtube.

Squirrel Part 2

Once I ate, I remembered I had not had my antibiotics (bladder infections are zero fun).  So, I hunted that bottle down and took that but then remembered that Hunter needed to start on his meds too, so I had to find those and get him to take them.

Finally, I gathered myself and looked at my mess, and thought “now is the perfect time to clean out the fridge.”  So, in my logical squirrel brain, I threw the casserole in the oven on low, threw the bread on the island, finished loading the dishwasher.  Then, I cleaned out the sink and washed the diffusers.  I found a good “get rid of colds” diffuser recipe blend and got them started.  Next, I tackled the fridge.

The part I really enjoyed is playing in my oils.  I got them all fixed up, some roller bottles made, alphabetized the crap out of them, and tucked them away.  Sat down, checked my emails, and placed my order for January so I didn’t forget. Then, I got my calendar all situated and now…my squirrel is dead.

Tomorrow is a brand new day with a brand new squirrel ready to tackle it all.  Big Daddy will be home, so I get to sleep in!  I hope everyone has a day when their minds are as crazy as mine is!

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