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Hell Has Frozen Over

Hell Has Frozen Over

Hell Has Frozen Over

People who read my blog.  It is official.  Hell Has Frozen Over.  For some odd reason, I have NEVER wanted to go to Chicago.  I don’t know why.  My sister in law lived here for years and there is SO much to do, see, and eat.  Yet, I’ve just never had the desire.

Tiny Bit of Background

My husband and his family are HUGE Cubs fans!  I mean, wow.  About 30 years ago, Bart, his brother, and his parents went to the convention.  Bart still has the cup that he was gifted on that trip.  We still have the convention pins, a few pics, and he has a ton of memories. Such good memories.

He has talked about going forever, but tickets always sell out.  Honestly, we could never afford it and I really would rather eat toe jam than go.  I always thought if we could afford it, then he would rather take Noah or someone other than me.


Christmas came around and he wouldn’t tell me what he wanted.  This is typical.  Normally, we just buy what we want and call it a day.  However, this time, I tried to be all stealthy and sneaky.  We had the money, for a change and there were limited rooms left.  I bit the bullet and bought us tickets with a stay at the same hotel that the convention is held in.

Not gonna lie, when I finally did it.  I cried LOL.  Not because we were going but because of the pressure of living up to his memories.  I can’t live up to the passion of his parents and I didn’t want to make him sad.  Plus, I have never booked anything like this.  This is his job, not mine.  I didn’t want to mess up.

Keeping the Secret and the Big Reveal

Holy Cow, it was SO hard to keep this secret.  I told NO ONE and I used a different account.  Plus, there is no paper trail that he could get into.  I went as far as to use a different bank account.  Then, I might have taunted him with the knowledge that I got him something and I couldn’t tell him.

On Christmas morning, I made him open his gift last.  This was torture because he loves everyone taking turns and soaking it all in.  He wanted his turn!  I think he was super surprised at his gift and a little taken aback.

Getting Here

We got here, unscathed in the Chicago traffic.  The timing was good but then we realized we were going to be nickeled and dimed to death.  We had to valet, which is $73 per 24 hrs.  Our lunch, which consisted of 2 hamburgers, was $30.  Thank goodness I packed lunch and breakfast stuff.  I ate the smallest salad, ever, for $11.

The Visual

The visualization of ALL the cubs fans in ALL their cubs clothes was a lot for a girl to take in.  There were probably 3 people who were not dressed in attire.  I was one of those three.  So.  Many.  People.  There were so many floors of so many things to see, do, touch, and buy.  Everything is SO expensive.

Bart is so good to me and indulges all the things I love.  I wanted him to indulge in the thing that he loves.  We have walked, stood, laughed, sweat, eaten, and people watched all weekend long.  Currently, I’m eating a cheese platter I brought with us and he is getting autographs.


We will probably not make another convention.  This was fun, but overwhelming for us both.  I hope that he made good memories that will tie into the memories with his father.  It has been nice (and cold) to getaway.  I wish we could have seen the city, but it is what it is.  It isn’t about me or what I want.  This trip is all about him and seeing joy flash through his sweet eyes.

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