Coming out of Retirement

Coming out of Retirement
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Coming out of Retirement

Welp, the time has come…I am officially Coming out of Retirement.  I have homeschooled for 20 years.  Thankfully, I have graduated 4 of my 7 children.  This past August, we decided to put the last 3 boys into public school.  I’m not gonna lie, it has not been my cup of tea BUT I have enjoyed the break.

Here’s the Thing

I have a medically fragile child, so I’ve been traveling to and from hospitals and doctors for the last 3 years.  Since 2015, I have been on hospital patrol with my Lady, my daddy, my son, and random other issues throughout those years.  Sadly, my Lady went to hang out with Jesus and thankfully my daddy has recovered from his health issues, for the most part.  Hunter, we still travel.

I’m tired.  My brain and body were done trying to do all the things.  I needed to let go of something so we thought we would give it a shot.  Elementary school (Hunter, Kindergarten) hasn’t been that bad.  There have been a couple of moments where people have needed to be educated on his condition.  They were learning and I showed grace.  The lunch lady, Ms. LoAnn, is a freaking ROCKSTAR.  I’m good friends with the principal and have known her WAY before she started working there.  His teachers are amazing.  It’s been pretty good.

Then, There is Middle School

Now, that has been a little crappy with a side of sucking pond water.  They all know who I am.  We all try to play nice in the sandbox, but when someone craps in my corner, I get a little ill.  The school nurse…AMAZING, though I knew her before and loved her, that has not changed.  The guidance counselor and receptionist #love.  The teachers have been very good, so I cannot complain there.

Yet, there is bullying and racism.  There are issues with people who think they are “gods” because they can carry a badge and have “worked the streets”.  Well, let me tell you something Superstar Sam, you do not know my son(s) or how I parent.  Basically, we have told them to back the heck off or I’m gonna derail your train.

I Need to Stop

My blood pressure is rising.  Lately, it has gone well but I have stood my ground.  I am kind but I get my point across.  Okay, I’m not always kind :/  Whatever.  I stay in good contact with their teachers/coaches and I just gloss over the administration.  With the COVID-19 virus rearing its ugly head, school is canceled.

Mandated “homeschooling” is now upon us.  I picked up Hunter’s packet today and got the computers for the boys.  We start tomorrow.  Not gonna lie, I’m glad to have something for them to do.  We don’t do electronics much. They do not own cellphones (you have to be 16 in this house and my boys are 15, 13, and 6).  Also, we don’t have computers or tablets.  They watch a movie a day…maybe that in a 30-minute show.  We don’t really listen to music, ever.  There are no ipods or whatever they are called.


They read books, play legos, go outside, ride bikes and scooters.  We play cards and board games.  All the things I did when I was a girl, only we are doing it at a time when it is not popular.  I don’t really care, my kids aren’t going to lose brain cells by watching mindless crap and filling their minds with junk.  Oh, and my kids can clean like beasts.  I have taught them well.  All of their future spouses will thank me 🙂

The Next Unforeseeable Future

Starting on the 18th, we will start school.  I have to get back in a good routine with them and cancel all things going on for the next month.  We may be out till the end of the school year, I simply don’t know.  For now, I believe we have 3 weeks worth of work with an extra week of spring break.  We are choosing to not get out, at all (insert crazy eyes).  Big Daddy still works and so does Noah (though his school will finish out this semester online).  I, however, will stay with the kids.  Since Hunter has OMS, we cannot expose him to anything.  It is literally detrimental to his health and/or life.

Pray for my sanity and that cases of coca-cola never runs out…like EVER.

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