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Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Peace in the Midst of the Storm **TRIGGERING POST**

Peace in the Midst of the Storm

My friend, Leigh Ann, left this world before her allotted time almost two years ago. There is not a day that I do not think about her. Honestly, what I could have done differently. Last night, however, I finally received Peace amid the Storm.

Dream 1

I dreamt two big dreams when I went to bed this particular night. The first dream was horrific and had nothing to do with my friend. It was a trauma type of dream that came about because I am in the middle of trauma therapy. It’s how things work out in my mind and process things. Sadly, I don’t remember much about it. Just that it relates to issues I’m facing to this day on some past trauma that I’m walking through to find healing.

I woke up with a start at about 2:45 am. My back was tense, my jaw was tight, and my head hurt badly. I got up, got some Tylenol, drank water, and then cuddled with Big Daddy. I finally went back to sleep, still struggling and fearful of what I would find when I closed my eyes.

Dream 2

Once I fell back to sleep, a whole different narrative was spoken through my dream. Today, when I close my eyes, I see myself walking into some room. Some old-time hymns were playing in the background. Up ahead of me, I could see Leigh Ann walking toward me with this giant smile on her face. She was glowing. Her hair was shoulder length and bleach blonde, like when we first met. She had on a white shirt and some pants. What caught my eye was that she had this red cloak draped about her shoulders.

She walked toward me, and we embraced. There was not a word spoken. As I hugged her, we swayed to the hymns; I looked up and saw her mother standing behind her, smiling. Peace. The dream was Peace. It was also evident.

My Struggle

I have struggled with why I couldn’t save her. Why didn’t she call me? Go to her mom’s house? How did I not feel her hurting? I, however, never questioned her salvation. We sat at the park in the dirt when she was saved, and it was a beautiful moment of innocence and surrender.


After two years, she has come to me, and I can physically see she is draped with the blood of Christ. She is clean, glowing, and happy. Peace. It radiates throughout her smile. Today, I am okay because she is with her Creator. I pray that the image never leaves me. What beauty and Peace I feel in knowing she is at Peace. I saw the joy on her face.

I miss her. Yet, I am thankful I have my answer. You are loved. Worthy. A child of the King. Seek help! People do love you!

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