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Channeling Karl

Channeling Karl

Channeling Karl

I am going to be Channeling Karl.  If I can’t see the children, then the children can’t see me.  We shall cover our eyes and ignore.  It’s not me…it’s them!  All this “mom, I cut myself or mom, I’m hungry or mom, someone looked at me.”  I don’t hear it because I don’t see it.

I’m going into the weekend with no hopes and/or expectations for any of us to do anything major.  My prayer is that we survive.  Throw food at the wolves and survive.  We will survive….now that song is in my head.

Just Because…Why Not.

I need to make a quick clarification for my 5 viewers.  We have Ted, Lola, and Francis.  They are our inside dogs.  Also inside, we have Karl and Karen.  We also had Karole, but she passed away at the ripe age of about 16.  Also, we had an outside cat, Chip.  He died a month ago and we are heartbroken.

Chip brought along his common-law wife, Inez (she is not my cat).  She was completely feral but with his love, we can now love on her but not hold her.  Chip left her a widow, pregnant.  She had 5 kittens, under my house.  We pulled them out and have them in a safe place.  We have three Russian Blue looking cats, Maureen, Jennifer, and Linda.  Then she has 2 dark tiger striped cats, one is a girl (Chipette) and the other is a boy (Troy).

Lest We Not Forget Joan

Joan started showing up.  Very affectionate (except towards Inez) and we could tell she had been an inside cat.  She was VERY pregnant when she came around.  I named her Joan because, well, she isn’t my cat but I feed her and she needs a name.  She threw identical triplets Russian blue kittens.  Janis, Joplin, and Lloyd

So we went from 4 cats to 3 cats to 4 cats to 3 cats to 12 cats within no time at all.  Actually, 13 because there is a black and white tuxedo male in the mancave.  I named him Jorge.

How did I become the crazy cat lady again?

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