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Good Information from Make School Community

Good Information from Make School Community

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I received this email from Komal Desai at  There is some Good Information from Make School Community.  This is a very difficult time we are living in and I want to make sure that resources are available.  I do not want to be a part of the problem, I want to be a part of the solution.  Here I am, listening, learning, and advocating.  In all honesty, my son (from Ethiopia) deserves to be able to walk down any street and be safe.


First, Black Lives Matter!  Second, EDUCATE yourself.  Ask questions and be willing to learn and adapt your thinking.  I found myself tagging things with the hashtag of All Lives Matter.  Then, a sweet friend taught me what that phrase means to her, as a black woman who LOVES Jesus.  This meme led me to reach out to her, in love, and ask her to educate me.  She did and I’m so thankful.  Now, I get it!  I’m so thankful she didn’t see me as disrespectful but willing to learn more.  Also, she is willing to answer my questions.  In raising my beautiful black son, I want him to be proud of his skin, proud of the country he was born in, proud of the country he is raised in, and safe.  I want my child to be safe, all the days of his life.  Third, support black-owned companies and businesses.

Good Information from Make School Community

Good Information from Make School Community

We (at Make School Community) have been following the protests uniting our country over the last week. The bravery among all those fighting for black lives is inspiring. We demand justice for George Floyd, justice for all the innocent men and women killed by the police, and support the calls for our government to take concrete action towards ending police brutality against the black community in America.

Make School exists to provide avenues of upward mobility for students of all backgrounds, especially those underrepresented in the tech industry. We cannot achieve our mission if we do not do our part to dismantle the systemic racism that affects so many in our community.

To start, it is time to listen and learn. We are learning from the following resources on the history of racism in the United States and how best to be an ally:

List of resources to help you support the black community:

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