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My Thoughts on This Week’s Story


My Thoughts on This Week's Story

My Thoughts on This Week’s Story

Well, this has been a story I have wanted my friend to write for a long time. Yet, she wasn’t ready. This time, she was ready. So many people need to understand the difference between “baby blues” and “postpartum depression.” There is a difference. So, My Thoughts on This Week’s Story are strength, pain, forgiveness, and mercy.

When I Met Her

She came in like a whirlwind. I met her, her bitty babies, and her 5000 dogs. Then, I scared her husband—what a great first impression. I knew, from that moment, that this girl was precious, but she struggled in so many areas. Tears, heartache, pain, resilience, love, and devotion are so much wrapped up in this beautiful human. Her strength drives me to do more and to be stronger. Even amid fear and pain, she yields to our Father.

Such a Scary Time

She was walking in a time when many things began to collide. Her daughters’ premature birth and special needs, combined with her abuse, started this downfall. Mix into that her familial relations regarding the realization of the loss of her beloved grandaddy. There is so much more. All landed at her feet with a thud.

She would call me, and all I would hear were sobs. So, I sat and listened. She would come over, and her emotions walked into the house before she did. This baby (now in her 30s) needed a mama. I became her mama. Extraordinarily enough, I look fantastic to have a child her age and many grands, LOL.

Once She Saw it, She Fought it.

The realizations that she has made have been phenomenal, instead of being shrouded in fear, shame, disappointment, and ideations. She became a student—a brilliant one at that. We looked at every aspect of her life and analyzed the crap out of it. The teacher taught the student how to read the book. Now, the student reads the book in 5 different languages.

Once you become that student and learn, it takes fear out of the equation. It kicks satan square in the arse out the front door. Now, she can process events and find joy. Manage the sadness. She may let the bird fly around her hair, but it no longer makes a nest in it.

I Cannot Even

She is the most precious human in the history of ever. I am so thankful the Lord saw fit to cross our paths in such an unusual way. Blessed. Her presence blesses me. Her laughter is contagious. The fearlessness she attacks things is amazing. Yet, when she is struck at the knees, she ever so slightly bends and has a moment. The moments do not last.

She is a fantastic mama who has fought the good fight for ALL of her children. She fought for her marriage and won. Sadly, she fought the good fight with her family and made a difficult decision. She made this decision with wisdom, clarity, discussion with her husband, and counsel.

Her testimony is an amazing one. I am proud to call her a friend.


Postpartum HelpLine 800.944.4773

Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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