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Review and Giveaway Rank Card Game

Review and Giveaway Rank Card Game

Review and Giveaway Rank Card Game

I have never been able to have a review or a giveaway for a card game.  We are completely stoked over here!  With that being said, here is the Review and Giveaway Rank Card Game.  You can purchase this game from Storyastic Website.  You can put in the code BRANDICRUM for an additional 20% off!

Card Packs in this Game

Included in this game:  Everyday Life, Adulting, and Leisure Time.  Also included are the scorecards.

The expansion packs can be bought at the above website for $15 each.  They include Risky Business, Sports and Outdoors, MORE Adulting, MORE Everyday Life, MORE Leisure Activity.  Also, Culture Vulture, Faith Pack, Girls Night Out, Relationship Goals, Guys Night Out, and Make my Own.

Included in this giveaway is a sneak peak of a full round of Storyastic’s new game, Brandish.

Here is what 3 of my many kids said about this game.  There was a lot of giggling going on.  I am anxious for the rest of my kids to get here so we can all play this game.

Sav (18):  Really fun but even better when you when 3 times in a row.  5/5 stars


Jude (14):  It is fun and entertaining.  5/5 stars


D (16):  It is interesting and fun to learn things about other people.  4.5/5 stars


The Rank Game is the game about you and your people—your likes and dislikes. It’s a card-based game that gamifies how well you know your family and friends. The ranker ranks four items, and the guessers guess how you’ve ranked those items to achieve points.


From founders Chip and Dana Brown

You’ve probably seen statistics or news stories about how technology, screen time, advertising, and social media are eroding our ability to simply be together face to face. You’ve probably even experienced this first hand in your own life. Even when we want to quit tech and spend more having real experiences in authentic relationships, it’s kind of hard to do. It’s awkward. The truth is, all of us need at least a little bit of help to succeed at this. That’s why we made THE RANK GAME.

THE RANK GAME is easy to play at home, on long car trips, on the beach, at a restaurant or bar…ANYWHERE! The game quickly gets us off our phones and TALKING with one another in eye-to-eye, real-world gameplay. So, we get to know each other better.

THE RANK GAME is a really fun way to learn more about the people we feel we know already (friends and family) and also is outstanding as a way to make for great conversation and “break the ice” at social gatherings and even work. Oh, and also, it’s competitive, fun and really funny!


Kickstarter funded in 48 hrs
Toy Fair 2020 favorite pick


Product category: game
Title: The Rank Game (by Storyastic)
Campaign focus: game giveaway promotion with affiliate partnership
Release: limited availability nationwide; available in select independent retailers


You can like this post or any of my other social media posts in order to be eligible to win.  If you win this giveaway, you will receive:

  • The Rank Game
  • 1 winner per participating blogger.
  • Only US-based and Canadian-based winners are eligible due to shipping limitations.

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